Getting Into Gardening? Here Are Some Tools You Need

Much of what you do in the garden will be hands-on; you’ll pluck weeds, plant seeds, and do so much more just with your hands. It’s fast, and it can be very effective. But there are some things that you can’t get done with just your hands. 

For example, you won’t be mowing the garden anytime soon with your hands – and it is one of the things you need. So if yours is languishing in the shed, get a lawn mower repair and get it back in action. 

So, if you are thinking of getting into gardening…here is a non-exhaustive list of useful things for those starting to get into gardening. 


Moving grass, pruned branches and more will be your wheelbarrow. It will also be where you store your tools as you move around the garden. They have any number of uses – they come in different sizes and weights, so you can always find the one that will be best for you. Look for a rust resistant wheelbarrow as it will be spending its time outside. 

And two-wheel ones are more stable. 

Getting Into Gardening? / Gardening Tools such as a wheelbarrow, rake, pickaxe, and shovel

Watering can

Depending on what you have in the garden plant-wise, you might not need to soak everything each evening with the hose. Instead, you will use a watering can to ensure the water is delivered exactly where it needs to be. Although a bigger watering can grab your attention, remember just how heavy they can be when they’re filled up. 

Galvanized metal watering cans will last the longest. 


A rake is great all year through, but it is particularly useful in the fall. When all the leaves start to pile up on the floor, it is a good idea to take some time every day to move all of the leaves into a pile. A standard rake is excellent, but you might find more benefits from an adjustable version. 

Opt for a rake with steel tines if they are stronger – but keep in mind they can be much rougher on the lawn. 

Getting Into Gardening / Man with a steel rake


The spade is somewhat of a garden workhorse, there are more uses for a spade than you might realize. They’ll make lifting sods, edging, digging holes, and much easier. It is better to invest in a spade that is high quality, as the right tools can last a lifetime. Keep in mind that you should take care of the tool once you have it. 

It is wise to get one with a long handle and one with a short handle. The long handles mean you can get more leverage and lift heavier things. 

Hand trowel 

The trowel is perfect for making light work of weeding, planting containers and bedding. Look for a broad blade, this will move more soil, but if you are doing a lot of weeding, then a long narrow blade is best. Stainless steel blades will last longer – and are strong enough to go up against small rocks. 

Woman holding a hand trowel in her flower garden


Pruning is a big job for those who have hedges and trees, and from time to time, there are hard-to-reach branches. Loppers have a long handle which makes them nice and easy to reach, and the leverage on the lopper’s handles means you can cruise through branches an inch or more. 

Remember that long handles can add a lot of extra weight, and you’ll need to sharpen these blades regularly. 


Stock up on gardening gloves, so you have a pair or two to hand at all times. Some gloves are great for delicate work, while others will have reinforced fingers and thumbs for rougher work. They opt for gloves that come over the wrists and halfway up to the forearms to protect them from scratches and insects. 

Buying the right size of the gardening glove will mean you’ll avoid blisters and the chances of something slipping out of your hand. 

The ideal gardening glove isn’t bulky, moves well with your hands, is breathable, and is water resistant. 

Gloves are the perfect place for bugs to hide, so shake them out before you put them on each time. 

Pruning shears 

Hand pruning shears are some of the hardest working tools in the garden. They’ll help keep your plants, trees and shrubs trimmed back neatly. They have an incredibly sharp set of blades and can get into the smallest spaces. 

Keep your pruners as sharp as possible, as this reduces the injury to the plant during pruning, 

Here are some extra tips to help those who are just getting started with gardening: Gardening Tips for Those That Don’t Have a Green Thumb 


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  • Thanks for this incredible post.

  • I want to plant a flower garden but I have nothing to get started. I’d want a small brick wall. And I know that is kinda expensive so it’s on the back burner until I can finish up some other projects I have that need finishing.

  • We bought all these and more the first year we started gardening. And the list gets bigger every year lol!

  • I wish I could garden but I don’t have the patience. My mom does though! She grows awesome things.

  • I started gardening 2 years ago without many of these tools. A wheel barrow would have helped me with moving the soil.

  • I love doing gardening. It can be a lot of fun, yet lots of work as well. It’s always fun once things start to grow though.

  • I’ll keep these tips in mind when starting my own garden next year spring.

  • This is a great list for beginning gardeners! I think a garden hose is another must have if you are planting shrubs, trees, or a vegetable garden.

  • These all sound like useful tools for those that do their own gardening.

  • I am into gardening recently but have to learn a lot. Those are some great tips for beginners like me.

  • I really love and enjoy gardening specially when I’m with my family! These tools are what we need! Thanks for sharing this with us !

  • It is so relaxing when you are gardening, especially when my boys are with me. There are times that I miss our big garden in the back yard of my child’s home. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • This is a great list for beginner gardeners. One tool I can’t live without in my garden are loppers.

  • I have always enjoyed gardening. It is good to have the right tools to get the job done.

  • I have a flower garden and I have all those tools. I may have to shop for new ones next year, though.

  • I only do balcony gardening and have most of these (no wheelbarrows, rake, and spade) but looking forward to having them when we finally have a garden. 🙂


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