#PerfectWeight Through Good Nutrition and an a Exercise Routine

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#PerfectWeight Through Good Nutrition and an a Exercise Routine

Health and Wellness for our family pets, is important at our house.  Our pets are a part of our family and as such, it is our duty to provide them with quality nutrition and to see that they get regular exercise.  Just like our 2 legged kids, they need good routines to keep them at their best. Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight can help if your pet is overweight.  The new , along with Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight dog food and Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight cat food, can be found online (Product Available via Pet360 with additional discount on Autoship), at many veterinarians offices and clinics along with specialty pet stores. This great pet food and the 10 Week Turnaround can be beneficial to your overweight dog and/or cat.

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Great nutrition paired with routine healthcare and exercise will help to maintain an ideal weight and optimum health for our 4-legged friends.


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Creating an exercise routine for our pets, can be beneficial to them AND to us.  Not only will this help with physical health, but it also helps to build a bond between pets and their caregivers.  All the members in our household take responsibility for the care of our animals.  We make sure that they always have fresh water, that they eat a nutritious diet and that they get exercise each and every day.  We all do our part.  One of the favorite playtime activities for our little Pug, Gung Poe Wigglebutt, is spending time on the trampoline with our grand daughter “Miss K”.  He loves her attention, she loves that he is crazy about her and they both enjoy the fun!

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Miss K and Gung Poe Wigglebutt #PerfectWeight
They can play together all day and play is a great way to promote health and wellness for them both!
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It’s easy to build a great routine for your pets.  The key is consistency and finding exercise that both you and they enjoy.

  • Try to exercise at the same time(s) each day if possible..
  • Now that it’s getting warmer, be sure to always have fresh clean water available, and whenever possible, exercise in early morning or late afternoon/early evening.
  • Make playtime FUN for all.
  • Take walks together.
  • If your pet likes water, take them swimming, but just like with children – NEVER take your eyes off of them.
  • Play fetch – this is a great activity to have the littles in your life to participate in.
  • What about on rainy days?  Our boys and our grand daughter will run laps through the house until they are all ready to” plop down and take a load off”!

If your pet is at their #PerfectWeight – that’s GREAT, but sadly more than 50% of our pets need to shed pounds.  The Hill’s® Science Diet® 10 Week Turnaround can help you help your pet, to lose that extra weight and get more fit.  To help you get started, Hill’s Science Diet is sponsoring a giveaway .  The winner will receive 10 Weeks of Science Diet Perfect Weight.

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How do you know if your pet is overweight? This video from Dr. Gallagher can help.

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