Look over to your left.  
You will see a poll. 
It’s right under the Animal Rescue Site Button.

Please take it.
This will help me to decide how I will do most of my 
giveaways from now on.
Let your voice be heard.
At this time, there have been 17 answers.
I’d like at least 30 people to vote, if not more.
As an added incentive
Leave a comment and tell me how you voted.
When I get to 30 votes, and at least 10 comments,
(and please just vote one time per person)
I will post an ARC giveaway!

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0 thoughts on “PLEASE TAKE MY POLL

  1. I like this idea! It really bothers me when I book giveaways with a million ways to enter. It's exhausting and no matter how much I want said book, I never sign up – simply because its confusing and redundant. One entry for posting with your email address, another for being a follower, and one for tweeting/blogging – I feel like that's all that is necessary. But that's just me.

  2. I voted for just one entry. I'm all for simplicity : ) But I understand that people want followers, etc. I love my followers! I used to do extra entries too. In the end, you should do giveaways the way you want. I am kind of curious as to what the poll results will be.

  3. Interesting poll. I clicked "a few possible ways to enter" because I don't mind having one main entry, a second entry for followers, and a third entry for tweeting or blogging (like Miss Remmers also said).
    I don't like giveaways that make you jump through a ton of hoops, such as visit another website and comment on something there, tell a sentence about something, tons of options for how to enter (gets really confusing). And I think giveaways should be open to all (maybe just limit by USA and Canada for postage, but open to all readers). I noticed this week there were several blogs that were running giveaways that were ONLY open to other book bloggers/reviewers. And you had to be both. You couldn't just be a blogger. You had to review on your blog, and I don't review on my blog, I instead review on Goodreads, so I wasn't qualified to enter any of these. Personally I think if bloggers want to gain readers/followers, they should make their giveaways easy to enter and encourage all to enter. But that is just me. :o)

  4. I voted "a few possible ways to enter". I like having different options and I like doing giveaways this way myself. However, I can see the benefit of allowing just one way to enter. There would be a lot less confusion. :o)

  5. Hi Libby! I've been reading your blog and I really wanted to enter to quite a few giveaways but i had little time to spare on the internet. I think that "one entry" works best for me because of that. I love your blog! It makes me want to read more (I actually went to B&N and got 5 books this week). I promise I'll try to be more active here!

  6. Hey! I just made it up to 30 on the counter of the poll for you! Hope that will help with your decision. I sometimes like having more than one option–mixing it up is what I chose. But, if you're trying to simplify your own life, that may not be as helpful!

  7. I voted for one entry. Simplicity is key. I used to enter a lot of contests and then suddenly all the contests had so many different entries and in all honesty, I did not have the time, so I stopped all together. I have resumed entering, but only those that are simple. Of course there are always those who make the entries so confusing that it is not even worth it.

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