Summer Bloggers Birthday Bash Giveaway Event – Ends 7/21

You won’t want to miss this event!

So many fantastic prizes, and a grand prize of COLD HARD CA$H 

 to cool you off during this HOT HOT SUMMER!

Welcome to the Summer Bloggers Birthday Bash!

Summer Bloggers Birthday Bash Banner

Moms Living
, Centsable
Coupon Lady
, Clair’s
, Good Steward
and Feisty FruGals have teamed up with a great group of
bloggers to celebrate our summer blog birthdays!

We’ve got so many great prizes up for
grabs, with a grand prize of $300 PayPal cash!

Yes, that’s THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS to one lucky reader!
What would you do with an extra $300 in your pocket?

Pay a bill or two, buy a few month’s worth
of gas, have a romantic night out with your spouse. go on a shopping spree
or put it in savings.

Whatever you choose to do with it is up to
you, but you have to win it first!

Oh, and what about the other $2000 in
prizes we have to offer? Don’t forget about those!

Please note that only the grand prize is
open worldwide. All other prize packages are only available to U.S.

What else do we have in store for you?
Well, let’s see…

#1 – The Home and Garden Package: Retail value of

1 Knockout Rose Tree

A lovely Knockout Rose Tree from Brighter Blooms Nursery is sure to add a burst of
color to any landscape!

This easy to grow rose tree also makes a
fabulous gift! Check out our Knockout Rose Tree review for more information.

ARV: $89.95


1 Box of Assorted, All Natural Pest
Control Products from Nature-Cide

Nature-Cide is an all natural product line
created specifically for pest control. Whether you are having issues with
ants, wasps, fleas or bedbugs, Nature-Cide has a formula to help you rid
yourself of these pests and more!

Check out the Centsable Coupon Lady’s review to learn more or visit
the Nature-Cide website to see their full line!

ARV: $79.80

Thompson's Waterseal

1 Case of Thompson’s Waterseal Advanced
Maximum Strength Premium Waterproofer Plus Natural Wood Protector

and 1 Case of Thompson’s Waterseal Wood
Cleaner Concentrate

Is your deck ready to take on Mother Nature
this year? Thompson’s Waterseal can give it the protection it

Check out Centsable Coupon Lady’s review for more information
about this great prize!

ARV: $120.00

Kirby Cleaning Products

Kirby Cleaning Product Package

These products made by the Kirby Company
are sure to help you keep your household spotless!

You’ll get Kirby’s Spot Remover, Citrus
Scuttle, Tile and Grout Cleaner, Lickity Split, Pet Stain and Odor Carpet
Cleaner and a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth!

Want to learn more? Check out this Kirby Cleaning Products review!
ARV: $50.00

#2 Night Out On the Town Prize Pack – Retail Value of

Prizes in this package available to U.S.
entrants only.

Gaby Oxfords in BlackThese Gaby
Oxfords in Black from Sshoes could be yours!

Heels don’t have to be clickity-clack loud
anymore! Just ask Ssh-oes! These quiet, comfortable heels are the
perfect footwear for a night on the town!

Want to learn more about these Ssh-oes?
Check out Centsable Coupon Lady’s review!

ARV: $149.00

Clipa as a BraceletClipa in Use 2Clipa in Use

The Clipa

If there’s one thing that every woman
needs, it’s a Clipa! This handy little product is not only a stylish
bracelet, but the purse hanger that we all need!

No more setting your purse on that nasty
bathroom floor at the restaurant or club! Check out all of the awesome styles available or read our Clipa review to find out more!

ARV: $19.99

Enrouge Makeup Kit

Enrouge Makeup Kit

Sick of trying to determine which colors
will look best on you? Let Enrouge take the pain out of makeup shopping
with a custom eye makeup kit made especially for your eye color!

To find out more about this awesome prize,
check out Centsable Coupon Lady’s review!

ARV: $64.50

#3 Romantic Weekend Prize Package – Retail Value of

Atlanta Black Theatre Festival2
tickets to the Melba Moore show “Still Standing” during the Atlanta Black
Theatre Festival

Wouldn’t it be nice to get away for a few
days? Well, we’re giving you the opportunity to do it in style with two
tickets to the Melba Moore show, “Still Standing” AND 2 tickets to the VIP
Producer’s Reception!

Talk about a mesmerizing evening!

ARV: $190.00

Bed & Breakfasts and Country Inns Book

Bed & Breakfasts and Country Inns Book
with Free Second Night Stay

Looking for a romantic getaway with your
partner? iLoveInns can give

Pick one of the cozy retreats from this Bed
& Breakfasts and Country Inns book, which comes complete with a
certificate for a free second night stay at any of the participating
B&B’s or Inns!

ARV: $25.00 +

Scandle Travel Candle

The Scandle Limited Edition Body Massage
Travel Candle in Coconut Kiss

Looking to rekindle the flame on your
romantic weekend away?

Candlelight is always a nice touch, but Scandle Candle has added even more to the candle by
creating a candle that is also doubles as a fantastic massage lotion!

Check out our Scandle Candle Review to find out more!

ARV: $19.99

We Promise

1 Copy of We Promise – 18 Foundational
Stones for an Unshakeable Marriage – by Penny Loosenort and Rev. Dr.
Daniel Loosenort

Whether you are considering marriage, are
newly engaged, recently married or have been married for years, WE
is a phenomenal book that should be a staple in any Christian

Written with God in mind for the Christian
couple, it is a book that will benefit couples that are interested in
improving their relationships and building a firm foundation that will
withstand the tests of time.

To learn more about WE PROMISE, you can
visit Light Dawns Ministries or check out the review.


#4 Pamper Me Prize Package – Total Retail Value of

Apparel Dynasty Logo

StrawberryTaffy Pumps

Strawberry Taffy Sneakers

StarsandCloudsSilver Flats

Apparel Dynasty Prize Pack

Apparel Dynasty
offers fresh new designs with an urban focus that’s perfect for the
stylish woman that just loves making a statement!

They have graciously sponsored one pair of
pumps, one pair of flats, one pair of sneakers and an adorable kids’ prize
Total ARV: $120.00

Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess

Auric Blends – Egyptian Goddess Perfume
Oil and Soap

Want to smell like a Goddess? Auric Blends can make that happen with their Egyptian
Goddess Perfume Oil and Soap!

Check out our Auric Blends Review to find out more about these

ARV: $26.95

Biblical Beauty

1 Hardcover Copy of Biblical Beauty

Rachelle Weisberger will teach you the
secrets, quick tips and simple changes that you can use to maintain your
beauty, regardless of age or blemishes.

Be truly beautiful, on the inside and the
outside. Check out this Biblical Beauty review to learn more.

ARV: $26.95

Adovia Hand CreamAfrican SoapCleopatra’s Choice
Package – Adovia Hand Cream and African Soap

has earned quite a name in the beauty products sector and for
good reason!

With luxurious products like this Adovia
Hand Cream and African Soap, it’s almost like having your very own spa at

Read more about these products in the Centsable Coupon Lady’s review!

ARV: $24.00

Calm for Moms

1 CD of Calm for Moms – The 11 Minute

Life is chaotic when you are trying to
manage little ones, a household and a career. The Live Well
has developed the Calm for Moms Series for just that reason!
This CD will whisk you away to a calm and happy place so that you can
re-energize…and all in just 11 minutes!

Want to learn more? Check out our Calm for Moms – The 11 Minute Nap Review!

ARV: $20.00

This Path We Share

1 Copy of This Path We Share – By Lois
Tschetter Hjelmstad

This Path We Share walks us through the
true story of a marriage that has weathered it all. It takes the reader
through the ups, the downs and shows us the strength and compassion of

We invite you to visit Lois Hjelmstad’s website to learn more about This Path We Share, as well as her other books.

ARV: $18.99

Alli's Everlasting Floral Arrangements

1 Floral Arrangement from Alli’s
Everlasting Floral Arrangements

Alli was an up and coming fashion designer
living out her dream in New York City until her tragic death in the summer
of 2011.

Her mother, Renee, wants Alli’s dream to
live on, so she created Alli’s Everylasting Floral Arrangements. The proceeds
from these brilliant and fashionable flowers are put towards a very worthy

Each floral arrangements that you purchase
from Alli’s go to fund the Alli’s Passion for Fashion Scholarship.

ARV: $45.00

Conversation Starters Prize Package – Total retail Value of

netTalk Duo WiFi

1 netTalk Duo WiFi and 1 Free Year of

Ever wish you could slash your landline
phone bill in half? Well, how would you feel if it was cut down to 1/6 of
what it used to be?

netTalk makes it happen
with the netTalk Duo WiFi System! Read our netTalk review to find out more!

ARV: $79.95

SPARQ Home Appetizer Tray

1 SPARQ Home Appetizer Plate

Enjoy entertaining? IF so, this lovely
appetizer plate from SPARQ Home will definitely keep the conversation

A wonderful choice for keeping hot foods
hot and cold foods cold, this appetizer plate is not only unique, but
extremely functional.

To learn more about this product, read the
Centsable Coupon Lady’s review!

ARV: $39.95

Original Writer's Block

1 Original Writer’s Block

The Original Writer’s Block is one product
that is sure to spark conversation.

Sure to help the troubled writer overcome
his or her bout with writer’s block, this funny, intelligent gift will
certainly be the topic of conversation.

Want to learn more about this product? Read
Moms Living Thrifty’s Writer’s Block Review!

ARV: $12.95

Send A Flying Card

1 SendaFlyingCard

This fun and thoughtful product will not
only get lots of compliments, but is a great outdoor party activity,
unique gift or cool decoration!

With SendAFlyingCard, you
can customize your own frisbee and then have a blast playing with it!

Learn more about this product in this SendAFlyingCard review or visit the
to customize your own “Flying Card”!

ARV: $9.99


1 Corkcicle

If you love entertaining or just love a
good bottle of wine, this is one product that you’re sure to enjoy – and
your friends & family will be amazed at its uniqueness!
The Corkcicle is a wine chiller that makes it quick and easy to chill a
brand new bottle of wine. Just keep it in your freezer when not in use and
it’s ready when you are!

To find out more about this product, read
the Centsable Coupon Lady’s review!

ARV: $22.95

Healthy & Active Family Prize Package – Total Retail Value of

Sit, Stretch, Smile Yoga1 Sit,
Stretch, Smile Yoga Book and DVD – by Dr. Howie Shareff

Do you enjoy relaxing stretches? Calming
exercises that help you relax your body and your mind? If so, then Sit, Stretch, Smile is for you!

To learn more about this prize, check out
the Centsable Coupon Lady’s review!

ARV: $32.95

The Armband Water Bottle

1 Armband Water Bottle by Kenmark Sports

If you’re an active person, you know the
importance of hydration. The Armband Water Bottle makes staying hydrated
while on the go a whole lot easier!

This water bottle allows for hands-free
activity by strapping right to your upper arm.

To learn more about the Armband, visit the
Kenmark Sports Website or read our Armband Water Bottle Review!

ARV: $29.99


1 Month Supply of Prevagen

If you’re like me, then you’ve already had
some of those lapses in memory that cause you to forget that you left the
oven on, forgot where you put your car keys or where you put a file on
your computer.

It’s all part of stress and some say it’s
part of getting older. Well, there’s a product for that! It’s called
and it’s a supplement that can help you protect your memories
and keep your mind sharp, while supporting brain health.

Want to learn more about this product? Read
the Centsable Coupon Lady’s Prevagen Review!

ARV: $59.95

Swiggies Water Bottles

1 Package of Swiggies Water Bottles – 2
Count (One for each arm)

Now, although the adorable little boy IS
NOT one of the prizes (you’d probably give him back after 30 minutes
anyway), the nifty little water bottle he has on his wrist is!

Swiggies are remarkably easy to use and
give active kids a hands free way to carry a drink at all times. Great for
hiking, playing at the park or while riding their bike around the
neighborhood on a hot summer’s day, Swiggies strap right to the wrist for
quick and easy access. Want to learn more about this super-cool product?
the Swiggies website
– the kids will love them (mine did)!

ARV: $12.95

Kids Natural Calm Multi

1 Bottle of Kids Natural Calm Multi

Do you want your kids to take healthy,
nutritious, natural supplements that will benefit their growing bodies? Of
course you do!

Kids Natural Calm Multi is one product that you can
rely on to provide your children with a healthy and all natural dose of
nutrients each and every day!

To learn more about this product, be sure
to check out Centsable Coupon Lady’s review!

ARV: $21.00

Financial Fitness

1 Copy of Financial Fitness with Website
Companion – by Diana Young

If you’ve been going over budget or even if
you just want to maximize your savings so that you can set some money
aside for other things, Financial Fitness is a fabulous tool that will
help you achieve your goals.

You can learn more about this prize by
visiting the Financial Fitness website, stopping by Diana’s blog or by checking out Centsable Coupon Lady’s Financial Fitness review!

ARV: $19.99

Gifts for the Family Prize Package – Total Retail Value of

Lemons and Lavender

1 Copy of Lemons and Lavender – by Billie

What frugal mom or dad doesn’t want to
learn the tricks of the trade?

Lemons and Lavender will teach you how to
live on a dime store budget, while also utilizing healthier, more natural

To learn more about this book, be sure to
check out the Viva Editions website and stay tuned for our upcoming

ARV: $15.95

Use Your Words

1 Copy of Use Your Words – By Kate

Whether your goal is to become a blogger, a
journalist or simply to record your memoirs effectively, Use Your Words is
the book that can help you do it!

To learn more about this book, you can
visit the Viva Editions Website or stay tuned for our Use Your Words Review!

ARV: $16.95

The Mystery of the Silver Statue

1 Copy of The Mystery of the Silver Statue
– By Raymond C. Perkins Jr.

If your kids enjoy historical mysteries,
you will most definitely delight as you watch them turn the pages of The Mystery of the Silver

Perkins wrote this book as a way to deal
with the struggles that his son has faced as a child battling cancer and
the book contains several important life lessons about growing up and
overcoming adversity.

To learn more, visit the website or you can
purchase the book HERE.

ARV: $7.95

The Last Violet

1 Copy of The Last Violet – By Lois

The Last Violet takes readers on a
daughter’s struggles as her mother battles breast cancer.

Hjelmstad takes the reader by the hand and
guides her through this true story, almost injecting the raw emotion into
the reader with her words. An eye-opening must read for mothers and

Learn more about The Last Violet here or check out Centsable Coupon Lady’s review!

ARV: $12.99

My Hare Line Books

Assortment of 4 My Hare Line Books – By
Patsy Henry

Children and adults alike will fall in love
with the My Hare Line Series of Books!

Patsy Henry has fallen in love with rabbits
and these books document the adventures of her furry friends as they have
babies, take on dogs, meet new rabbits and so much more!

To learn more about My Hare Line, you can
visit Patsy Henry’s website or you can stay tuned for
our review!

ARV: $40.00

TidyTots Potty Chair Liners

1 Package of Tidy Tots Disposable Potty
Chair Liners

Make light work of your child’s bathroom
accomplishments with these easy to use potty chair liners from Tidy

The liners can be used up to 3 times each
due to the durable, super-absorbent pads. That makes one package good for
up to 48 uses!

To learn more, visit Tidy

ARV: $7.99

Pipila Portable UV Pacifier Holder

1 Pipila Portable UV Pacifier Holder

Ever wonder if your baby’s pacifier is
really clean after you rinse it off in a rush after it has hit the

Well, Pipila has made it easy to banish up
to 99.9% of all germs and bacteria from your baby’s pacifier in just three

We invite you to learn more at the Pipila website or take a moment to read Centsable Coupon Lady’s review!

ARV: $34.99

When the World Goes Crazy

1 Copy of When the World Goes Crazy –
Life’s Outtakes Year 1 By Daris Howard

This book will make you laugh, make you cry
as it reminds you of just how great a short story can be. Daris Howard’s
humorous and inspirational stories are the perfect way to end a long

Learn more about When the World Goes Crazy
by visiting the Daris Howard
or Check out Centsable Coupon Lady’s review of this book and Super
Cowboy Rides!

ARV: $5.99

Super Cowboy Rides

1 Copy of Super Cowboy Rides By Daris

Super Cowboy Rides follows a young boy who
is a super-cowboy and amazing storyteller.

Howard walks the reader through hilarious
situations and heartbreaking circumstances to develop a story that will
make you laugh, cry, and possibly both at the same time!

To learn more about Super Cowboy Rides,
visit the Daris Howard Website or take a moment to read Centsable Coupon
Lady’s review! (Both are linked above.)

ARV: $20.67

I See Me Personalized Children's Books

Winner’s Choice of 1 “I See Me!”
Personalized Children’s Book

I See Me Books have become extremely
popular since garnering attention from well known stars like Courtney
Arquette and Brooke Shields; however, it’s easy to see why!
What child wouldn’t go ga-ga over seeing his or her name in a book that
was created especially for him or her?

To learn more, please visit the I See Me
Personalized Books Website

ARV: $35.00

All About Education Prize Package – Total Retail Value of

1 Rev It Up Reading Online Speed-Reading

Do you have a hard time finding the time to
read? Difficulty retaining the information you read?

If so, Rev It Up Reading can help! This
online program will teach you how to focus while you read, avoid
distractions and so much more!

We invite you to visit the Rev It Up Reading Website to learn more!

ARV: $199.00

What Children Need to Learn to Read

1 Copy of What Children Need to Learn to
Read Book and CD – By Michelle Vallene

Want to give your children a solid
foundation for education? Starting education in the home can do just

What Children Need to Learn to Read is an amazing book
that will provide parents with a great guide to help ensure a strong love
of reading and prepare children for school.

You can learn more about What Children Need
to Learn to Read by visiting the Learner’s Lane

ARV: $14.95

Men’s Favorites Prize Package – Total Retail Value of

WAHL Lithium Ion 4 in 1

1 WAHL Lithium Ion 4-in-1 Set

This snazzy men’s grooming set is
definitely sure to please even the pickiest of men. With a shaver, clipper
and two types of trimmers, this is like the Cadillac of grooming products!
To learn more about the WAH Lithium Ion 4-in-1, please visit the
WAHL website

ARV: $114.99

WOW Gift Box

1 WOW Gift Box Filled with Goodies

We all know that the way to a man’s heart
is through his stomach and this fabulous WOW gift box is certainly a good

To learn more about WOW Gift Boxes, please
visit the WOW Gift Boxes

ARV: $35.00

SO! If you’ve made it through this huge
list of prizes, then you’re probably ready to enter to win some of them,

Just wait for the Rafflecopter to load
below and start completing your entries. If you can’t get them all done in
one sitting, be sure to come back and finish them up later!

Giveaway for PayPal Cash is open WorldWide; however, all prize packages
are limited to U.S. entrants only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
forget to say thank you to all of the fabulous bloggers that helped make
this event possible!

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Summer Bloggers Birthday Bash Giveaway Event – Ends 7/21

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