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Why You Should Add a Water Feature to Your Garden

As the days get longer and brighter, it is time to think about how you can get your garden ready to enjoy the nicer weather. There are many things you can do to your garden to make it the perfect outdoor space to entertain, from investing in new furniture to putting in a new decking or patio. While these are all excellent options, another addition to your garden that can make it better is a water feature. If you have been thinking about getting one but are not quite decided, below are a few reasons why you should go for it.

They are Decorative

One of the best things about water features is that they come in all kinds of designs that will help the aesthetics of your garden. Some are very modern chic, which is perfect if your landscaping already reflects this style. Some have been created in the Zen style, and these will fit in well with a Japanese-inspired design. Others are more classical with detailed sculpting and tiers, similar to those you might find in a period property. Whatever your taste, you will find a water feature that will suit your garden. You can see examples of these various designs at water-garden.co.uk.

They Have a Calming Influence

Another reason a lot of people like to have water features in their gardens is that they do help to create a calming atmosphere. The sound of softly trickling water can help you to relax as you sunbathe or are enjoying a good book and a cup of coffee in the sunshine. They will certainly help transform your garden into a hidden haven that you can retreat to after a long day.

They Could Increase Your Property’s Value

As water features do help to improve your garden space, this in turn can add more value to your property if you ever did want to sell it in the future. Gardens, big or small, are desirable features that buyers look for in a home, which is why it is worth investing in yours. If it is looked after and has a beautiful design, this will make it stand out from other properties. A water feature could help you to enhance your garden’s style and make it more appealing if you put your home on the market.

They are Good for Wildlife

Even smaller water features can attract wildlife and will do wonders for your garden’s ecosystem. Larger ponds you can fill with fish, but frogs are likely to be attracted to these as well, as are dragonflies. This can be a great way to help do your bit for the environment, but if you also like observing birds and other creatures in their habitats, this could provide you that opportunity without having to leave your home!

They are Relatively Easy to Look After

Finally, although there will be maintenance work required to take care of your water feature, they are not too difficult to look after. You will have to scoop out leaves and other debris fairly regularly, deep clean them once a year ideally and keep an eye on water levels and algae build-up, but this is not as much hassle as you might think.

Water features can bring a lot to your garden, so if you are wondering about how you can update your outdoor space this year you should certainly consider getting one.

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  • When we get our own place I would love to have a coi pond!

  • I totally agree! The water feature has a lot of great benefits! Thanks for the info!


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