10 Essential Hacks for Helping Your Pets Live a Happier, Healthier Life

Most people share their homes with pets, especially dogs and cats. For most of these individuals, their furbabies are not just an animal which idly standby but a fully-fledged member like anyone else. It is, therefore, important that pets are taken care of in the best way possible.

To do that, here are ten ways for helping your pet live a happier and healthier life.

Create a Routine with Your Pets

Dogs value some precious time with their owners. What’s more, dogs love living in a multi-dog household and one that has children. Try as much as possible to show your pets that you are focused on them and that you enjoy spending time with them by creating an elaborate routine. Take a stroll with them in the morning and play fetch with them once you live work. Keep these activities at the same time so they can get used to the experiences. With time, they will begin looking forward to the moments you spend with them.


If your four-legged animals are important members of your family, you should consider offering products that enhance their health. Keeping them happy and safe should be your major priority as the pet owner. Using Cannabidiol provides these benefits because it makes it possible for you to offer healthy and natural care without negative effects which is evident with other conventional pet medicines.

High-Quality Diet

One rule should count when it comes to feeding your pets: If you can’t eat it, then don’t feed it to your pets. Your four-legged animals also deserved high-quality diets just like you. Instead of making them the gourmet dinner, looked for food that is prepared with organically certified ingredients. Your pets require quality food (not leftovers) if they are to remain strong and healthy. An excellent diet can help in boosting their immune systems so they can remain active throughout.

Work Out Every Day

Just like humans, pets also need a regular workout to ensure they remain fit. Additionally, pets have varying energy levels as they age while their metabolism change with time. To ensure fitness, you should make sure your dog follows the rule of 30 minutes activity each day. However, you need to be certain that there aren’t pre-existing ailments that could worsen as a result of the physical activity. Exercise session are a perfect time for dog training.

You also need to note that there are certain animal breeds that require some more time on the treadmill. For instance, dogs in herding or hunting breeds like the hounds, Labrador Retrievers, and the shepherds require up to two hours every day. You don’t have to perform these tasks at once. You can break up the workout sections. That way, you get the advantage of spending some more time with your pet.

Cats also need exercise, but often do not get enough…especially those that live indoors.  Being indoors in many ways is healthier for them, other than the lack of getting movement in their lives.  Getting them trained early to be on a leash is beneficial.  When cats are comfortable wearing a harness and being on a lead,  they can get out in the fresh and air take walks, just like dogs do.  And never fear, there are lots of ideal harnesses, leashes, and articles of clothing made just for felines.  There are even awesome kitty jackets to keep them dry, even in inclement weather.

Schedule an Annual Checkup

Just like everyone else, pets also deserve to be observed by doctors. It is important to schedule regular checkups so you can be confident that your pet is in good health. You also need to remember that prevention is a crucial aspect of regular vet visits because the earlier an issue is identified, the easier it becomes for doctors to treat the ailment. The physical examination, vaccinations, routine diagnostics, parasite control, and heart-worm prevention will go a long way in helping your pet to remain in top shape.

Play Hide and Seek

Challenging your pets to locate their favorite treat is an excellent way to give it some mental stimulation. When you start playing, you can hide the treat in a place that is easy for the dog to locate such as behind the furniture. Once the dog begins getting the hang of it, you can now hide them in places that are difficult to find such as under the pillow. Additionally, there are feeding puzzles which challenge your pet to look for ways to locate the food.

Choose Toys Wisely

Pets are excellent for two reasons: Starving off boredom and creating sheer joy. Therefore, when choosing a toy for your dog, consider its lifestyle and personality. Is your pet a shredder? If so, get bones and plushes which are meant for extreme chewers. If your dog remains at home when you go to work, leave it with treats to enhance their cognitive health and reduce bad behaviors induced by boredom.

Get Leashes that Match their Lifestyle

When it comes to picking out leashes, people often pick fashion over function. There’s nothing wrong with wanting your pet to look her best. However, you also need to put into account their individual needs when choosing a harness or a collar for them. So, how do you determine which leash is suitable for them? If you have a pet that is smaller and doesn’t walk fast, they will be fine with a collar on. Nevertheless, if they walk fast or love to pull, you will need a harness for that. A harness will make it possible for you to get better control of your pet. Moreover, a harness causes less strain on your dog’s neck.

Set Up Playdates

Pets usually love some play time with other pets. That is why dogs usually get very much excited when you take them to the park. An easy way to ensure your dogs is happy is to set up play-dates. Allow your dog to run in the park with other dogs for about an hour. This is a form of exercise and also helps to improve their socializing skills.

Double-Duty Treats

One of the things people take for granted is their ability to treat themselves. You also need to know that your pet also deserves to be treated. To make this happen, you can organize a double-duty treat. Get some larger gnawing options for your dog to chew. Better yet, make the treat tasty and take your dog for teeth cleansing and breathe freshening. You need to remember that dental care for your pet is also important.

Final Word

When you want to keep your pets healthy and happier, you need to consider the pointers mentioned above. Create time for leisure, offer quality diet, create time for physical activity, and set up a play-date to ensure your pet is happier. You can also include CBD in their diet to ensure they remain happier and healthier.

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