4 Essential Goals to Set Before You Move

The weeks leading up to a big move can be exhausting and leave you feeling overwhelmed. Having a basic checklist to help you stop looking at the big picture and start concentrating on the smaller, much-needed items, is what moving a home is all about. Usually, about four weeks to your deadline is a great time to start taking care of the items that need to be scheduled in advance. Tackling these items now will allow you to be more flexible later for dealing with unexpected matters that might pop up closer to your move time. 

4 Essential Goals to Set Before You Move

  1. Declutter – This is the time where you need to look at everything in your home and begin to declutter it all. One of the biggest things I like to do is to take a trash bag and go room to room to put things in the bag I won’t use. I’ll have a few bags that will be labeled for a consignment store, a garage sale to move with us to the new home, or to just plain throw away. By labeling everything as well it keeps things visible for you to see what is going to what location so you can designate accordingly. 

4 Essential Goals to Set Before You Move Infinite Moving

2. Book The Movers – If you plan to move yourself, make sure you plan to get a truck or trailer. If you have too much stuff, my suggestion would be hired to hire a professional to do the work for you. If you live in the               Florida area, there is a company that comes highly recommended by several people in the area are called Infinite Moving. If you are moving from a luxury apartment or just needing help moving your personal                   belongings, you don’t want to hurt yourself in the process. Having professional movers eliminates the risk of you getting hurt or someone else getting hurt. These Polk County local moving business  make sure to               keep all your belongings safe and secure, as well as making sure our move is done in a timely fashion. 

3. House Availability – Before you move, you want to make sure you have a place to be moving to. If it’s a relocation that you are experiencing, make sure that the company that is moving you sets you up in an                     apartment or a hotel room so you have a place to go too. If you are moving on your own, house hunt before you put your home on the market. This gives you an idea of how much money you want to spend in your             new location and once your other home sells, you’ll know how much money to put down for a down payment. Check out various neighborhoods, schools and ask neighbors what they think of the area before settling           on a home. Think about how many bedrooms you want, bathrooms, and an ideal layout of what your home will look like. 

4. Have a Budget – One big goal to set before you move is your budget. To get an accurate idea of how much money you may need for your relocation, find out if your savings will be enough to cover all your moving-            related expenses. Create a moving budget. Figure in all the moving company expenses ( their rate, extra service charges, and more ) or if you are using a rental truck, think about gas prices, road tolls, and parking            fees you’ll have to encounter when you drive. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of any necessary packing materials ( boxes, newspapers, and sturdy tape ). There may also be some travel expenses if you are flying              and post-relocation expenses. Having a fund for any emergency that may come can also make you feel a little bit better about your move and could be necessary should you get a flat tire, miss your flight and have            to find another one, or someone gets hurt packing your valuables and you need to visit a local hospital. 

I’m sure there are many other big goals for you to set before your big move and whatever they are, have a calendar nearby that you can constantly check to make sure you are on track with everything. Staying organized and on top of these small tasks will pay off in the long run. I think these four goals to accomplish before your move will be key to making the actual move itself as less stressful as possible, especially if you hire professionals to help you. They take all the stress out of packing and moving for you! 


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