4 Simple Maintenance Tips for your Lawn

Lush green lawns are a staple in the American lifestyle. The first thing people often notice about your home is the lawn that surrounds it. Keep your home looking good and the value high by maintaining a healthy lawn. Hiring lawn care professionals are always a good idea to have that luxury finish. 

To do this it may seem like a daunting challenge, but that is not the case. Proper consistent maintenance can keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. All it requires is you putting in the right amount of effort every week. These 4 simple maintenance tips for your lawn tips will keep your yard looking and feeling great.


Lawn Sprinkler - Maintenance Tips for your Lawn

A healthy lawn starts with the basics. You can not have a healthy lawn if it is not properly watered. Watering is essential to any lawn as without it your lawn will become damaged and potentially die. Watering properly does not mean just flooding your lawn with water every day. Overwatering can damage and potentially kill the grass as well.

Most lawns require about 1 to 1.5 inches of water a week. This can come in the form of a sprinkler system, a hose, or even rain. To understand how much water you need you should identify the signs that indicate the lawn needs water. 

If the coloring of the lawn is dull then it may need water. If stepping on the lawn leaves a footprint that does not disappear quickly it may be to dry and require water. Observe your lawn to understand when to water the lawn and how much water is needed.

When watering the lawn you want the top six to eight inches of the soil to be wet. Too much and you have overwatered the lawn. You can check the topsoil to determine if you have properly watered the lawn. After doing this, you should have a feel for how long you should be watering your lawn for the desired effect.


A healthy lawn requires nutrients and sometimes water and sunshine just does not cut it. Feeding the lawn by adding more seeds and fertilizer can provide a fuller, healthier lawn. Fertilizing and overseeding and is an essential part of maintaining any lawn. 

Grass does not last forever and when it begins to age and wither it needs to be replaced. This unhealthy grass can also increase the likelihood of weeds growing within the lawn. Overseeding helps prevents this buy thickening the grass and growing fresh new grass in the process. 

Overseeding can help keep your lawn thick and healthy. Make sure to properly select the right seed and use the right tools to overseed. Remember overseeding is not a weekly event for your lawn, typically you would want to do it once a year with the time of year being dependent on your region.

Fertilizer is there to nourish and aid the grass in its growth process. Fertilizer is going to thicken and brighten any lawn when utilized properly. Make sure to incorporate fertilizer when overseeding your lawn.


Weeds are a lawn’s worst nightmare. They infiltrate the lawn and spread quickly taking over that beautiful, luscious grass and replacing it with more weeds. Weeds will spread and kill your lawn turning a perfectly healthy lawn into something struggling to survive. A healthy lawn requires weeds to be eliminated from the picture.

Examining your lawn is incredibly important when it comes to lawn maintenance. It can help you identify whether it needs more water, needs to be overseeded, and when it needs to be weeded. Properly maintaining your lawn can prevent weed growth, but nothing is guaranteed. Always check your lawn for weeds.

If you identify weeds then the next step is to remove the weeds. Choose a treatment that you believe will do the job properly and execute the plan. After you have taken care of the weed make sure to continue properly caring for your lawn and use pre-emergent in the spring to prevent more weeds from growing. This way you can say goodbye to terrible weeds.

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Cutting your lawn is a staple part of lawn maintenance. As a homeowner, you should not be unfamiliar with the concept. For a lawn to be properly maintained it needs to be properly cut. Cutting the lawn consistently will help keep that lawn looking healthy and well.

There’s a lot that goes into mowing the lawn right. However, there are some good strategies you can use. First off, remember to change your mowing pattern. Mowing the same pattern every time will create ruts and compact the soil. This leads to sickly grass and eventually weeds. Remember to mix things up every time you mow.

It is generally recommended to cut your lawn every week. This rate can vary depending on your lawn, but regardless your lawn should be cut on a consistent schedule. Not only that, if it’s properly maintained and healthy it will grow at a fast pace. Cutting your lawn weekly will keep the growth in control while also sustaining a healthy appearance.

Sharpen the blades on your lawnmower. If you are not making clean cuts on your grass the tips of the grass might begin to become brown and the grass itself might become susceptible to disease and pests. Keep those blades sharp to keep your lawn looking sharper.

Lastly, adjust your mower height. You generally want to cut your grass so that it is at least 3” in length. This helps the grass form deep roots and keeps the grass healthy. Adjust the mower to get this desired effect. If you combine all these tips then you will have no problem properly mowing your lawn.

A healthy lawn is a healthy home

White House with Large Front and Side Lawn - Maintenance Tips for your Lawn

How you treat your lawn can indicate to the passerby how you treat your home. The lawn is an extension of your household and should be maintained just like the rest of the home. A good lawn can increase the value of any home and a bad lawn can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

You can make your home look incredible by simply maintaining it well. A good lawn is something to be proud of, but it takes continuous effort. These strategies can keep your lawn looking healthy and your home looking good. A lovely lawn makes a lovely home so keep your lawn healthy and lovely with these simple maintenance tips.


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  • This is some really good information about simple lawn care. It does seem like a good thing to get a professional to help with maintaining my yard. The house that I just moved into has a yard is in bad shape. Personally, I would want to get a professional to lay some sod and help me take care of it this upcoming spring. Episclaly since I want to get a yard that my nephew can come play in and have fun.


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