Bring the Ocean Home: A Beginner’s Guide to Building an Aquarium

Keeping pet fish can benefit your health. For one thing, studies have shown that it can reduce your blood pressure. In other words, you’ll be at a lower risk of heart disease.

That’s not all—aquarium-watching can also help reduce stress and anxiety. Given that, it’s not surprising to know that they’re one of the most popular pets in the United States.

Want to start your own tank? Thinking of building an acrylic aquarium? If so, you’re on the right page.

We’ll be sharing some tips on this page. Find out what they are by reading the rest of the post!

Benefits of Acrylic Aquariums

Acrylic has a few advantages over glass. For starters, it can easily be molded in any shape. Not only that, but it doesn’t bend light as much. In other words, your fish won’t look as “distorted”.

On top of that, it’s much more resistant to impacts—that is, it’s much less likely to break or chip.

Things to Consider When Building an Acrylic Aquarium

Why buy an aquarium when you can create your own? Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re doing it.

Choosing the Right Acrylic Sheets

Determine the size of your aquarium—that’ll allow you to choose the right acrylic sheets for the job. Make sure to get cell-cast acrylic as other types tend to be more brittle.

Here’s a tip—ask the store if they can cut it for you. In some cases, they might even be able to smooth out the edges.

Assembling Your Aquarium

Place the bottom piece on a sturdy surface. Ideally, you want to put the aquarium on a stand so that the bottom of the tank won’t bend from the weight of the water.

Next, attach the back piece to the bottom by placing small pins across the joint. You can also use a clamp or tape. Once everything is in place, glue the back piece to the bottom piece. Remove the pins after the acrylic cement is applied.

Repeat this step for the side and front acrylic pieces. For the best results, wait 4 hours before cementing each piece.

Test For Structural Integrity

Wait at least 48 hours before testing the aquarium for structural integrity—the last thing that you want is for it to leak!

One way that you can do this is to put it in a bathtub full of water. Place a piece of paper at the bottom of the aquarium and see if it gets wet. Alternatively, you can fill the tank with water.

Once everything is good to go, you can start adding things such as live seaweed for aquarium.

Making Your Own Aquarium

And there we have it—a short guide on building an acrylic aquarium. If anything, the most important thing is to get the right supplies!

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  • Thank you for sharing. I have been wanting an Aquarium.

  • I have had a few in the past. They are very relaxing!


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