Think you are too old for braces? Things you need to know about adult orthodontics in Edinburgh

Being a teenager is difficult, lets face it. Social status at school is everything and there is enough to cope with, trying to balance your social life with your schoolwork and homework. So, obviously, when your dentist suggests having braces fitted due to a potential alignment issue, you, being the responsible young person that you are, are probably going to say no and that’s the end of it.

Fast forward to being in your late twenties or early thirties, you are probably wishing you had said yes to having those braces in Edinburgh fitted. Your teeth may be causing you confidence issues at work or maybe you just want to have straighter teeth.

What can you do? Is it too late? Simply put, no, it isn’t; many adults are using braces and aligners in Edinburgh and across the entire UK to correct crooked or crowded teeth. Best of all, many of these braces or aligners are used for a shorter time than other orthodontic braces, so your teeth will be straighter in no time.

Types of accelerated orthodontic braces

As an adult, you don’t want to wait to have straighter teeth, so what options are there to help you get them as quickly as possible?

When you visit your dentist to discuss getting your aligners in Edinburgh, they will decide the best type of brace or aligner for you, depending on the severity of your misalignment.

If you are deemed to have mild to moderate misalignment, there are two types to choose from; removable and fitted.


Smiling Brunette - too old for braces

Removable aligners as braces, such as Invisalign, tend to be made from a flexible, clear plastic that fits over the top of your teeth. With brands like Invisalign, your dentist will take a scan of your mouth and use a computer program to create a set of personalized aligners for each stage of your treatment.

These can be taken out when you are eating food or brushing your teeth but be aware; in order for any removable aligner or brace to work correctly, it must be worn for up to 22 hours each day, without fail. Get Your Braces in Raleigh NC. Raleigh Orthodontics are your one-stop shop for a new smile that is customized to your unique requirements


Not as popular amongst adults but still very effective for getting that straighter smile quickly, fitted braces are often a single wire attached to the front or backs of your teeth with brackets.

The brackets tend to be clear or enamel colored, so the appearance is more discreet. These braces work by ‘tightening’ the wires to move your teeth into a new position. The most popular brands used in adult orthodontics are the Damon aligner and the Inman aligner, both of which have an average treatment time of up to 9 months. The Six Month Smiles brace takes an average of 6 months to straighten your front teeth, hence the name, which is a very quick turnaround time in dentistry!

Call your dentist today to get that straighter smile you deserve.

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