3 Ways You Can Show Your Support for a War Veteran

War veterans have put their lives on the line for our country. Many have seen troubling sights that will stay with them for years. They may be unable to forget scenes of violence and carnage they witnessed overseas.

Mental health for veterans is crucial, which is why they always need access to the appropriate resources. You can also do a great deal to help veterans if you appreciate their sacrifice.

Let us talk about some actions you can take on behalf of veterans right now.

You Can Be There to Listen to Them When They Need It

Many times, veterans feel lost or forgotten when they’re no longer enlisted. Being enlisted gives them a purpose and a reason for existing. They’re warriors, and they think that when they come home, they no longer have any way to apply those skills.

If you know a veteran, you can often do a lot for them simply by being there to listen when they need to talk to someone. They might have feelings of inadequacy or even shame, and they may feel alone.

If you tell the veteran in your life that you’re willing to listen to them when they need to unburden themselves, that can help them. If they know you care about them and they’re not alone, that should make them feel better.

You Can Help a Veteran Get a Job

You will also find that frequently, veterans are not able to get jobs as easily as they would like. In some places of employment, it’s almost as though there’s a stigma around being a veteran.

If you own a business or run one, you can go out of your way to hire veterans. You can make it clear when you have an open position that you’re willing to hire vets and give them gainful employment.

Many veterans end up homeless and develop drug or alcohol problems because they can’t easily assimilate back into society after serving. You can help reverse that trend by employing veterans and letting them know they’re valuable and useful.

You Can Contribute Money to Causes that Assist Veterans

If you aren’t in charge of hiring, and if you don’t personally know any veterans, you can still contribute money to causes like the Wounded Warrior Project. There are many causes that help veterans get the medical care, mental health treatment, and other resources they need. You can claim the money you give to these causes as a tax write-off, and you know there’s no more worthy cause to which you can give.

If you can’t afford to give any money, you might also give your time. There are other programs you can sign up for that will let you help veterans by driving them to doctor’s appointments. You might prepare meals and do housework if they’re missing limbs or are otherwise disabled.

If you show veterans that you care, that’s an excellent way you can give back to a class of people who have sacrificed so much.


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