Biometric Video Surveillance: A Guide

We are living in a digital age and the arrival of AI and quantum computers has given us a new dimension of digital connectivity, with biometrics that are changing the way we live. Have you seen the underground surveillance bases in Chinese cities? Huge screens with facial recognition identifying citizens as they go about their daily business; these huge networks are managed by AI, and they are used in commercial settings, mainly for security.

How does facial recognition work?

Facial recognition uses images of facial parts to identify a person; eyes, nose, mouth, forehead and chin, can all be used to identify a person, searching a huge database of images. Working at the speed of light, facial recognition software identifies all people within a facility, while also limiting access according to directives. Hi-res cameras with exceptional zoom capabilities zero in on a person’s face and if the target is not in the database, you are notified. Installing a facial recognition camera system is not a major task for a team of professionals; you can reap the many benefits that facial recognition offers.

Retail benefits

Shoplifting has always been a problem in the retail sector and with facial recognition, known offenders can be fed into the database and staff are notified as soon as the person enters the store, giving you a heads-up. You can connect to the Australian national database of convicted shoplifters, which warns you of an offender’s presence in your store; of course, that doesn’t mean they are planning to steal anything, yet you can monitor the person while they are in the store, perhaps preventing a theft.

Merge with existing CCTV systems

If you have a video surveillance system and you would like to integrate facial recognition, the software can integrate with all CCTV systems, meaning you don’t have to invest in new hardware. Systems are fully scalable, so the system can grow with your organisation, while data can be stored on the cloud. Click here for tips on sourcing a VoIP provider.

Tracking missing persons/suspected criminals

If facial recognition is in place, it is possible to locate and track a person; an image can be scanned and the entire database is instantly searched. Human rights activists are upset about digital tracking; they say that the authorities know where they are at all times and who knows what they do with the data? There is little doubt that we are going to lose our privacy and facial recognition does bring much to the table.

Fighting crime

Facial recognition is a powerful tool for law enforcement agencies and its use will become widespread, with global reach, enabling authorities to track and locate suspects. Minority report was a sci-fi movie set in the future when people could be charged with a crime by simply thinking about it. Experts predict suspect detection and tracking will be the norm in the next few years.

The recent developments with facial recognition software will change the world, of that there is no doubt and should you need additional security at your business premises, there are specialist companies with all the solutions.



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