Here’s How To Stay In Touch With Loved Ones When Separated By Distance But Not By Heart

Thanks to modern technology and increased accessibility, the world feels smaller than ever. As a consequence, it’s increasingly common for families and friendship groups to be spread out across the globe.

Whether you’re working abroad, backpacking on a gap year, or moving to be with a loved one doesn’t matter. As exciting as those adventures will be, being unable to see friends and relatives can be emotionally difficult.

Thankfully, even the large distances involved won’t need to stop you maintaining contact with those people back home.

Here’s how to stay in touch with loved ones, and keep those links going strong.

Utilising Social Media & Video Chat

Computer tech has evolved at a rapid rate over the past decade or so, and social media has undoubtedly been at the heart of those progressions. With over 1.9 billion people now using Facebook on a monthly basis, it’s not hard to appreciate the impact that it has on our lives. The ability to stay in touch with people that live far away is undoubtedly its greatest function.

Social media offers the opportunity to share things publicly or talk to people in a private manner. Regarding the latter, you can even use video calling facilities for a free method to international communication. As long as you are connected to Wi-Fi, staying in touch has never been easier.

If a loved one doesn’t want a social media account, they can always join Skype for a similar approach to online interactions.

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Blogging & Vlogging


The impact of social media isn’t limited to those private communications with friends and family. Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are all great channels for sharing experiences with the world. As well as providing insight to your followers, it also lets your loved ones feel as though they are closer to you at all times.

You needn’t be a computer whizz to start a blog, and it additionally serves as a great tool for storing your memories. Jump right in. With just a bit of help you can create a blog today With a smartphone, it’s easy to take photos and videos of your activities, which can bring those moments to life.

This can be a wonderful resource for yourself and ongoing interactions with loved ones. It is particularly vital when huge time differences are involved. If you become successful at it, blogging could also open up several money making opportunities via ads and brand promotion.

Send Gifts   

When you spend long periods away from your loved ones, there’s a strong possibility that you will miss out on special occasions. A video call is a great way to maintain contact on the day itself, but you still want to go the extra mile to show you care. Sending a gift is the perfect solution. Thanks to international online shopping, this is now a very easy task indeed.

It’s not only the special events that deserve a gift. Sometimes, the small surprises can make all the difference to give your loved ones that warm glow. Download the best postcard App for your smartphone, and you can send real postcards all over the world. Not only is it fun to bring back a dying souvenir, but you can also create personalized items using your own snaps and designs.

Loved ones are more interested in you than gifts. Nonetheless, those small gestures can go a long way to showing that you still care and think about them regularly. Do not underestimate their impact for a second.

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Write Letters

Building on the idea of sending postcards, why not start writing letters too? After all, those traditional forms of communication have a unique charm that should not be overlooked.

Snail mail might take a long time to arrive at its destination, but those handwritten letters feel intensely personal. Once you are in the habit of exchanging messages in this manner, it will become a source of continued excitement and anticipation too. This can enhance both of your lives with an even greater impact than social media communication.

Writing a letter gives you a chance to reflect on your travels or new life. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to embrace the personal bond that you share with the recipient while asking them about things back home. Besides, the letters received can brighten up your temporary or new living spaces.

Calling Cards

When you have moved permanently, this is unlikely to be an issue. When traveling across multiple locations, however, there may be times where internet and phone reception is hard to find. This is when traditional phone calls can become your savior.

Buying international calling cards can enable you to stay in touch with loved ones at a relatively small cost. Even if it’s just to give them a weekly update until you reach a destination with modern facilities, it can make a world of difference. After all, knowing that you are safe is vital.

If you are going to take this option, it’s worth making a schedule of when to call your loved ones. Otherwise, you could keep missing each other, which will ruin the overall impact greatly. Aside from anything else, that organization gives you both a regular reminder of the bond you share.

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Arrange To Meet

Ech of those forms of communication are fantastic ways to maintain those positive relationships. Still, there’s no substitute for spending time together. While those meetings may be far less frequent, this can make them increasingly special.

There is the option to return home for a short stay. Alternatively, you could invite them to visit you. The other option is to find a middle ground and build a vacation around this. Given the affordability of modern travel, this option is now increasingly common. Those magical moments are sure to bring you closer together, especially as being away gives everyone a chance to fully relax.

Combine this idea with the regular interactions discussed above. Those distances will no longer need to signal the end of a close relationship with friends or relatives. Even if your separation lasts a lifetime, those bonds will stand strong.




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