Talking Anya Dress-up & Pet Puppies iOS APP

I’ve just recently download the new Talking Anya Dress-up Pet Pupies iOS APP, and I have to tell you…I don’t think that I’ll ever get my iPad back!


My 6 year old grand daughter and her mother (my 33 year old daughter), are HOOKED.The basic app is free, but my girls where having so much fun, that I went ahead and purchased all the extras (just $6.99 for the whole shebang!) My daughter loves her voice and my grand daughter likes feeding the puppies the best! She is also pretty partial to listening to Anya sing the ABC’s.

Playing with the Talking Anya app.
Talking Anya is the only 3D Dress Up Doll with Pets in the App Store,

Talking Anya is the only 3D Dress Up Doll with Pets in the App Store, you can change her hair style, dresses, the color of her eyes and hair can be changed too. She sings and dances too. Kids can play games with her and her pet puppies. There are 5 puppies in all these need to be purchased. She can be dressed up as a fairy, bee, princess, lady bug, cinderella, santa and Rudolph. She has her own winter wear with boots!! She can be tickled too.

Disclaimer:  This is a paid posting via Sverve.  I purchased the “extras” out of my own pocket because my grand daughter had so much fun playing with the basic free app. Views expressed are 100% my own.




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