Science and the Evolution of Electronic Cigarettes

There are many pieces of scientific research that have been done on vaping to prove whether e-cigarettes are harmful to the primary and secondary users or not. Even today, experts are still working and researching more about this. But as this continues, the manufacturers of these devices and their accessories keep on coming up with different innovations for what they term as improving the vaping experience and reducing the harm that is associated with it.

As a result, the issues surrounding vaping has been controversial to the core with scientific researchers on one hand and the manufacturers on the other. It calls for some insights for users to know the truth.

What Science Says About Vaping

Good news is that science and various studies have confirmed that the use of e-cigarettes is less harmful than cigarette smoking and contains fewer harmful compounds. One study from a popular university showed that vaping is many times less harmful than cigarette smoking.

Those who vape do not face the risk of heart attack that is associated with the habit. On the other hand, smokers are more likely to have heart failure and many other internal organ illnesses.

But there is a catch for those who use e-juice with added nicotine. Science has proved that this will hook you on nicotine in the same way the cigarettes do. Youths are the most affected due to peer pressure. However, adults who have switched to vaping from cigarettes are also faced with the same risk.

What Manufacturers Say

After reading a lot of publications by manufacturers, you will be amazed to learn that the use of e-cigs is now a cool habit. The next thing you will probably do is to visit the Epuffer website to buy your first electronic cigarette and some e-juice. But what is it that manufacturers tell potential users?

First, they agree with researchers that e-cigarettes are far less harmful to people’s health compared to traditional cigarettes. Thus, their use is more acceptable even in public places like restaurants, airports, and parties.

According to them, using vaping is a good alternative to smoking and can even help you quit your smoking habit. This happens by allowing you to control the amount of nicotine in the e-juice, which makes sense anyway, and according to many users, it has worked.

The Evolution of Vaping

As these two groups engage each other with their claims, vaping has evolved significantly. Today, people can enjoy some of the best vaping devices like vape mods that are highly sophisticated. Some of them are programmable and customizable to the user’s experience.

The other evolution that has been seen is in the e-juice. A few decades ago, you could only find a few flavors on the market, but there are hundreds of them today. So people can enjoy what they want or even change to a different flavor as they wish.


Science and evolution in vaping should tell you a lot before making a decision on whether to engage in this habit or not. After reading the above highlights, you can rest assured that you have the most important information.


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