6 Ways To Use Video In Email Marketing

Emails remain as one of the most powerful ways of communication till now. These are extensively used for personal and professional communication. However, nowadays businesses use email for marketing purposes to reach out and retain clients. Various improvisations have been made since the initiation of email marketing, and currently, there is a buzz to add video in email marketing. The reason is that adding video in your email helps people better understand the purpose and gives a more humanized touch. 

Video increases clickthrough rates, so it’s a fantastic way to brighten up your marketing communications. Let’s start with understanding what is the concept behind it. 

What is video email marketing?

In simple terms, email marketing is to attach a video file, send it to the receiver, and stand out in the inboxes. An email has been used as a mainstream marketing channel for many years. Several brands have used this marketing technique to reach their customers. When a video file gets added to the email, it amplifies its current effect.

Attaching video in the email impacts heavily on the receiver and firmly boosts the marketing conversions. Videos are a great tool to impress someone, and they make the marketing channel more engaging and effective. Videos are rich media formats that make emails much harder to resist.  

Since adding video to the email multiplies its impact, it is still important to know which type of video should be attached in the email for a better and firmer impact on the receiver. Very few email clients support the real playback within the emails. It can attract the reader’s attention and prompt them to click on the play button. Once they click on the play button, they go to the video directly, and it will play within the email itself. However, the promotional video is easy to insert with email using the embedded source.

Benefits of using video in email marketing

Videos are a powerful way of marketing, and when they are embedded with the email, their impact would be multiplied. Videos can instantly increase the click-through rate. Here is how a video in email can deliver an outstanding result.

  1.     Use video to deliver bonus content to the subscribers

Being the most powerful way of marketing, video is capable enough to express the fact more clearly than images and texts. One thing is to keep in mind that email subscribers would like to enjoy a different type of content. So, to fulfill their demand, it would be the right choice to go the extra mile and give your subscriber a treat with the help of video. For example, if you want to include the updates of the Twitter content, you can add hyperlinks to give the subscribers access to go to that page directly. It may deliver early success, but this will not last long. They need something fresh and unique. To fulfill their demand, you can attach a webinar video or any promotional ads.

When subscribers get a fresh dose of the video, they will rightly contribute to satisfying the subscribers that make the importance of purchasing products. A video in the email is just like standalone content, and it will also simplify the educational tool that will highlight the business mission. 

  1.     The video makes the emails more productive  

Video contents have numerous advantages for brands. These are some of the most interesting things that would rightly boost the business. To make your customers aware of your products or services, you can send them personalized emails that make something more interesting. With the help of an online video editor, you can split the videos easily, and you can send these small clips attached to your email to the customers or the subscribers. From the business prospects, the relationship will be rightly concrete with the customers, and it will serve with several benefits in the long run.

  1.     Let your subscribers know about the company culture

Loyal customers always try to know more about the brand and behind scenes that drive the business forward. If you are still struggling to chalk out the out-of-box idea for your email content, then this is the right thing to show off all these videos that can let the subscriber know about the company’s personality. Having a video in your email will let the subscribers know about the company culture. In this way, it would be the right approach to get these things done correctly.

  1.     Use the video for announcing the upcoming event

If your business hosts any event for celebrating the upcoming occasion, whether external or internal, you can take the videos of the event for recapping and send them to the subscribers. In this way, subscribers will feel privileged due to such videos. They also get a taste of how your brand works in action and build interest in the company’s overall event.

  1.     Announce to be launched the product with video

There are different types of 3D rendering available that can create an overall video of the upcoming product and its features. This way, subscribers will get an overall idea regarding the product and its advantages. In this way, they can be ready to make their next purchases. In this way, the product will be promoted even before its launch. This is also another part of video marketing.

  1.     Send the newsletters with charming videos

If you are forwarding the newsletters to your subscribers daily, this is the right time to educate them more with the help of videos. There are several ways to include the video in newsletters and provide subscribers with a new taste of your business and the products. Videos are much more elegant than the texts, and almost every subscriber would rightly appreciate this move. In this way, it would be best to impress them using video clips.

Final thoughts

Inserting video in the emails is the best way to provide the subscribers with a new taste regarding the product or service.  


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  • Excellent insights on leveraging video content in email marketing campaigns! Incorporating videos can significantly boost engagement rates and capture subscribers’ attention more effectively. Keep sharing useful stuff like this!


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