5 Reasons Furnace Maintenance is Important

Scheduling routine furnace maintenance is often overlooked until a problem arises. However, making time for this foundational home operation system is necessary to keep it fully functional. Rather than waiting until you hear strange sounds or notice your furnace fails to reach the desired temperature, homeowners should plan for annual preventative maintenance.

Here are five reasons why furnace maintenance is so important, so you understand the importance of adding it to your to-do list.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Furnace

One of the primary reasons for scheduling an annual furnace tune up is to extend the lifespan of your furnace. The average furnace has the potential to last for 15-20 years, but only if you maintain it well. Without preventative maintenance and tune up appointments, your furnace could start acting up around year 10.

During a tune up appointment, the technician will make adjustments to any loose or grimy connections and run some tests to ensure everything is running properly. They’ll also clear out filters and lubricate moving parts to ensure everything is running smoothly for the season ahead. 

The better you maintain your furnace, the less frequently you’ll have to do a costly, full furnace replacement. This annual visit practically pays for itself.

Keep Your Utility Bill Manageable

One of the subtle signs that your furnace is on the fritz is a spike in your energy or heating costs. If your furnace starts short cycling— trying to kick in repeatedly without completing the cycle— it will present as a huge draw on your power bill. Furthermore, when your furnace isn’t running properly, it will use more fuel and power to accomplish less.

Scheduling an annual furnace tune up will help prevent this issue from occurring, keeping your utility and heating costs stable. Call a furnace specialist immediately if you’ve noticed a dramatic increase in your costs and haven’t had maintenance done for the season.

Furnace Maintenance

Contribute to Eco-Friendly Initiatives

It’s integral that we’re all as eco-conscious as possible when going about our daily lives; every little action makes an impact. When your furnace isn’t functioning at optimal levels, the increased power draw and fuel consumption drain natural resources. 

Scheduling regular furnace maintenance helps moderate your consumption levels. Take this a step further by ensuring you have an eco-friendly furnace replacement when the time comes. 

Ensure Your Furnace Works for the Cold Season

There’s only one thing worse than trying to turn on your heat on the first cold day of the fall or winter and finding out that your system isn’t working: having it cut out on the coldest day of the year.

A simple furnace maintenance visit before the cold weather hits helps prevent this potentially dangerous issue from happening. It will also save you the extra costs associated with emergency repairs.

Maintain a Safe and Healthy Home

In addition to ensuring everyone is warm enough during the winter, having a functional furnace contributes to health and safety in several other ways. 

If your furnace or overall HVAC systems aren’t working properly, your home may experience higher-than-average humidity levels, leading to mold development. If the furnace isn’t engaging properly and burning the fuel, your household is at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning or a devastating fire.

Set aside time for an annual furnace tune-up before the cold weather hits. This affordable visit pays for itself in preventative maintenance and peace of mind.




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  • I never knew that a failing heating furnace could affect your home’s temperature and electricity bill. My mom noticed that there are cold spots around her area, especially around her office area. Perhaps this is the perfect time for her to try this out when the issue persists.


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