A Guide to Adding Metal Wall Art For Your Outdoor Space Or Garden

Is your garden too ordinary for your taste? Do you feel something is missing whenever you look at it? Homeowners whose landscapes consist of nothing else but flower beds, trees, and bushes are encouraged to add some artwork elements for special charm.

If statues aren’t your cup of tea, metal artwork provides a choice of subtle, neutral-looking ornaments that blend perfectly into every yard. These outdoor décor elements are budget-friendly, adaptable, and durable as long as you maintain them regularly.

The following guide to outdoor metal wall art will introduce you to the reasons why purchasing or making such decorations is a marvelous idea.

Reasons your garden needs metal art

Homeowners decide to use metal artwork for the purpose of decorating their yards so as to add a personal touch. Even though gardens vary when it comes to the choice of plants, most of them are almost identical in appearance.

Therefore, adding metal wall art to outdoor spaces is considered favorable to homeowners who want their beloved gardens to stand out from the rest of the neighborhood landscapes. Metal artwork pieces are available in rustic and modern styles, depending on the atmosphere one wishes to convey. As long as you have a large wall in your yard, you can choose a nice decoration to cover either a portion of the wall or the entire surface.

Another reason why gardens need artwork is the contrast decorations provide to the plethora of plants and trees. The texture and color of metal art elements immediately attract the attention of visitors, as they’re rather neutral in comparison with the lively colors of flowers. The size of these ornaments is what makes visitors have a detailed look at the landscape, as plants are less noticeable in size.

Metal Garden Sculpture Art For Your Outdoor Space Or Garden

Metal wall artwork helps homeowners create a themed garden, based on the concepts they had from the moment of becoming gardeners. There is a myriad of inspiring themes capable of transforming one’s outdoor space into a magical landscape, such as butterfly, wildlife, native, tropical, or moon gardens.

Gardeners choosing the butterfly theme can add a large metal butterfly on the wall facing the entrance in the yard, whereas those fond of the wildlife theme can add a variety of animal decorations. Go to this page to check out some interesting ideas for themed landscaping.

Ultimately, yard artwork is an excellent solution for homeowners whose outdoor space has a couple of empty spots where plants won’t thrive. Some parts of the landscape remain plain as these are either insufficiently or overly exposed to the sun, hence impeding the growth of plants. There’s no reason to feel disappointed since metal artwork is an excellent solution for these spots.

DIY yard art ideas

The greatest thing about outdoor metal artwork is the opportunity for homeowners to take part in the creating of such decorations. For instance, metal cans are one of the most versatile objects used in DIY gardening projects to add a special charm to your landscape.

Metal wreaths are lovely ornaments that look great as wall art, being cheap and straightforward to make. All you’d need for such a project is to collect multiple soda cans in different colors in order to make the wreath look more vivid. After collecting enough cans, use a utility knife to make long vertical cuts and leave enough space between the cuts.

In order to prevent cutting yourself from the incredibly sharp can edges, don’t forget to wear gloves during the process. Once you’re done cutting the cans, continue by flattening each can by stepping on it with heavy boots. When flattened, every can is supposed to take the form of a flower. The ultimate step is gluing the flower-looking cans in order to make a wreath, which you can later use to decorate any part of the garden you like.

Another way to turn cans into metal artwork pieces is by cutting them in the shape of flowers. Start by removing their lids, after which you are supposed to use shears in order to make multiple vertical cuts. Move the shears from the top of the can to their base, but make sure there are about four centimeters between the slips.

In addition, the end of each strip should be made round with the help of the shears so as to look like petals. Finally, you are expected to paint the cans in the color you want to make them look like real flowers. Check out the following link, https://www.wikihow.com/Paint-Metal, for some practical tips about painting metal.

How to protect garden artwork elements?

Since metal yard artwork pieces are exposed to all weather elements, they are incredibly susceptible to corrosion and fading over time. Even though most decorations come with protective powder coating to resist corrosion, it deteriorates gradually due to everyday wear and tear. Therefore, homeowners are suggested to apply a polyurethane coating to their ornaments in order for them to look shiny.

In terms of application, you can use a brush or a spray to apply polyurethane, whichever you find more convenient. Most individuals consider the spray much easier to apply and it takes only a couple of seconds to get dry.

Prior to applying polyurethane, make sure the surface of the garden ornament is wiped with a cloth to eliminate any kind of residue. Use a drop cloth to protect the surface on which you plan to paint or spray the artwork. Spray the surface of the ornament from both sides twice by flipping the object to the opposite side once the sprayed side dries. Such a treatment is recommended a minimum of once annually for optimal protection. Homeowners living in areas with below-zero temperatures over the winter period should protect their yard decorations from the weather harshness by storing them inside.

Although polyurethane is an enemy of rust, metal garden decorations are still likely to corrode if exposed to impact. In the event of damage, the surface of these ornaments becomes vulnerable to the weather elements, hence resulting in rust. Therefore, spare some time to inspect the artwork condition from time to time looking for signs of damage.

Noticing traces of rust on your garden wall art is no reason to feel upset, as rust can be easily removed by using some simple tricks. You can either treat the ornament with a rust remover or use white vinegar as a DIY cleaning agent.

Final word

Make the right choice of yard artwork and protect its condition all year round.

Your landscape deserves to look special!



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