In the current climate, your house may struggle to keep its head above water in the market, so it’s time to throw your home a lifeline. Whether you have in the past, dipped your toe in the DIY delta or tend to grab your tools and dive right in, with the right planning, you can learn how to add value to your home without breaking the bank as well as saving your well-earned cash in the future.

Home Improvement/DIY

The most prominent fear for most of us, when it comes to DIY is we imagine the work is going to be far more involved than it is, and that we will mess it up somehow. The secret is to plan, research and have the correct tools for the job, making almost any home upgrade well within our reach.


Home Improvement/DIY

Storage Sanctuary

A definite way of saving money on home projects is to start with an off-the-shelf product and combine with a little DIY customization.

Storage space is at the top of the list when it comes to ‘Most Wanted” for buyers, so it’s crucial to maximize where you can. Tackle the issue of closet space by placing an organizing tower inside. If you can’t find an exact match on the size, choose a narrower tower and fill the unused space by adding wither shelves or clothing rods, simple to install yet looks like a completely bespoke storage space and gives the impression of expense. (Image Credit)

Fancy Faucets

Brightening up your bathroom is simple and can make a massive difference to the value of your home. An easy way to do so is to make everything look like its shiny and new.
A new set of faucets can completely alter the look of your basin or bath and is an easy fix.

Home Improvement/DIY

Check the fittings currently in place and try to find a replacement that uses the same number of holes with the same distance between them. Most new faucets will have the same attachments as your old one and are to be fitted in the same way. There are usually one to three holes in the sink top to receive the faucet as well as the hot and cold handles. You may find your sink has three holes, but the shiny new faucet only uses one? This shouldn’t cause too much inconvenience as most replacement faucets come with a flange that will cover all three. Then it’s a case of merely attaching the physical part of the valve which is underneath the sink and should consist of a threaded end and a nut. The design hasn’t changed much in over 60 years because it hasn’t had to if it works don’t fix it right?

Once your shiny new bathroom wear is in place, just update the caulking and grouting, for an overall fresh feel.

Molding like a Magician

When you think of moulding and trim, you may well think of homes of the rich and famous or the grandest stately homes. This high-end look is one you can replicate cheaply in your home but it will require planning and ensuring you have the right tools for the job is essential. There is plenty advice available on which are the best tools to use, so do your research. Sites such as will be a huge help and have plenty of helpful tips to boot. You might be able to achieve the task with hand tools, but it may cause more frustration in the long run. A decent miter saw is a Godsend when it comes to moulding, so to save money ask your friends to see if they have one you could borrow, failing that you may wish to rent.

Base or skirting boards are placed around the perimeter of your room, at the bottom as the name suggests. Relatively simple to install, as in most cases you only need to make a straight cut and ensure the length is accurate. Measuring here is vital, to put it simply you can not measure too many times. If in any doubt always cut a little longer as it is far easier to shave off millimeters than to add them back on!

Crown molding has a detailed profile, and when one pattern meets another, those details have to go together. Due to this complication, it can be a little more challenging to master. The secret is to place it on your miter saw as if the base of your saw is the ceiling and the fence of your saw is the wall, then cut it “upside-down and backwards”. Cut the 45-degree miter of two adjoining pieces the same way they lay on your wall and meet your ceiling.

Wooden Floors That Wow!

Beautiful hardwood floors must be a job left for the professionals to take care off, right? Not anymore. Look at installing a floating floor which is a cheaper and more convenient option than the nail down professionally finished ones provided by the tradesman. Home Improvement/DIY
A floating floor is one where each strip of wood clicks together to the one next to it or are glued to one another and are not nailed down. As with the moulding, measure, measure and measure again before any cuts are made. As it is not secured to the floor below directly, that’s how it earned the moniker of ‘floating’ A much simpler alternative to its nailed down cousin, in some cases, it’s as easy as snapping it together. Even better, the glossy finish is part of the woods design, so no need to get the boards professionally varnished afterwards. Once the floor is down, you’re done.

Whack on the Wallpaper

If you love the look of wallpaper, but you are afraid you are going to mess it up completely? What if you hate it once it’s up? Never fear!

There are so many products on the market that can provide you with the look you want but are simple to hang and just as easy to remove should you change your mind. One such solution is temporary wallpaper. The difference between this and more traditional wallpaper is that it has has a self-adhesive backing which allows it to be repositioned and removed without damaging your walls. Not only is it convenient, but it also makes changing your decor simple and above all fast. Bland walls can be transformed and colour added with the flick of a wrist.

With basic DIY skills, a little confidence and artistic flair and you will soon have your home raising not only a smile but also the value of your living space.

Home Improvement/DIY

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