How To Build A Timber Retaining Wall

If you are looking to add some style and substance to your garden, you will have many different options to choose from. Gardens are a place to relax and socialize. They enable you to get as close to nature as possible. Plus, they tend to be on display for everyone to see, and so it’s important that your garden looks great. In this blog post, we are going to reveal more about one of the ways you can enhance your outdoor space, and this is with a timber retaining wall. 

A timber wall can be a beautiful addition to any garden. Timber is a stunning material. It boasts an authentic and rustic style that can add a wealth of character to your outside area. A retaining wall offers a fantastic way of implementing timber. You can use the wall to separate segments of your garden to make the space more interesting and to make better use of it too via incorporating plant beds and alike.

Modular Concrete Sleepers witnessed a monumental transformation in the industry, and they now think that retaining wall concrete sleepers will be the future of retaining walls, garden beds, and edgings.

If this sounds like something that applies to you, read on to discover exactly how to build a timber retaining wall…

Of course, you will need to get all of the nursery and landscape equipment and materials you are going to require for the task first. It is important to be prepared. The last thing you want to do is run out of something while you are in the middle of building the wall for your garden.

You need to begin by digging a trench so that you can put the first pieces of timber inside. Once you have done this make sure you put in gravel to create a level base on your trench. Inset metal rods into the ground and make certain that they are stable.  Once you have done this you can plane the pieces of timber so that you generate a flat surface at both of the sides. 

The next step when building a timber retaining wall for your garden is to drill holes into each piece of timber. These are needed so you can put the timber over the motel rods. You will also need a minute additional hole for the purpose of holding the wood together. Now complete the process by following the same notion of placing each piece over the rebar. Finish this by cutting off the rebar – you can use a hand grinder to do this. 

We hope that this information has helped and that you have enjoyed a basic guide to building a retaining wall made out of timber. This is assured to look stunning and add a wealth of character to your garden area. Remember you don’t have to build the wall yourself. There are plenty of landscaping companies who will do this for you at a reasonable cost. 


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