Instasize’s Editing Power Shines Through With Stunning Filters

If you’re looking for an easy to use photo editor + content creating tool kit, Instasize is your answer. It has quickly become the go-to app for Instagrammers and bloggers alike – imagine condensing the editing specialities of 3-4 different apps into one. The latest update includes a plethora of editing tools and features that have earned it a high ranking spot for photo editing apps.

Developed by Munkee Co., the new version of Instasize could be the app that Instagram addicts are wishing for. Why? One word: filters. The wide selection of photo filters in the new Instasize app will satisfy all aesthetic needs, and they give off stunning and attractive effects worthy of a second look. There are specific filters that give off chrome-like finishes, some for luminous and bright effects, while others will make the photos look like they’re developed straight from a dark room.

Instasize’s Editing Power Shines Through With Stunning Filters

For those who love to document the daily – the editing adjustments Instasize provides and the easy to user interface will make this app your very best friend. These filters are perfect for those who want to have a consistent theme with their posts, since some filters are grouped into collections that give off similar tints, shades, and saturation points. A uniformed look will give an account a different kind of edge, making it seem like the uploader spent hours on conceptualizing posts, when in reality it only took a couple of simple taps in the new Instasize app.

Users can select from more than 60 filters in the new version, with fresh ones coming each month for premium account holders. The latest release even comes with a personal birthday filter for a fun, multi-colored gradient overlay, completely specific to your date of birth (and absolutely free for any first time downloads)

Aside from selecting filters, users can still crop images, adjust the contrast, exposure, brightness, highlights, shadows, saturation, tint, warmth, grain, and add vignette effects for a full-on photo editing experience.

Another great feature of the new Instasize is its in app text editor. Compared against Instagram’s 5 default fonts, Instasize’s in-app text tool offers more than 20 fonts that will fit all kinds of moods and styles. With a wider set of choices, Instasize gives more creative freedom for those who frequently upload to Instagram Stories. Users are able to put text on images without having to deal with annoying auto layouts that ruin visual compositions. All the filters and text tool also apply to videos that are edited through Instasize. This presents diversity in content, especially that videos are always a hit on Instagram and Facebook.

Instasize’s Editing Power Shines Through With Stunning Filters

Instasize features a multi-function beauty tool section that selfie addicts will truly appreciate. Users can remove unwanted blemishes, correct skin tones, and even whiten smiles to make their selfies shine brighter than ever. This collection of editing tools makes Instasize the best app for all kinds of Instagram users, whether you like editing high quality images or prefer to keep it classic with a quick selfie – there’s something special for you in this app.

Let’s go back to the basics and look back at the feature that made Instasize famous in the first place: borders. The new Instasize has a more refined selection of borders that can be used to spruce up photos or for layout purposes. Business accounts can use this tool in lookbook or product posts for a uniformed look without the need to go on a desktop to edit. Featured border packs you can currently download – Marble, Glitter, Cosmic, Wood, Camo, and over 40 more.

Instasize’s Editing Power Shines Through With Stunning Filters

It’s amazing how an app could have this much editing power, perfect for personal accounts, blogging platforms, and businesses. The wide array of filters give off a professional touch, the text tool can be utilized for promotions and announcements, and the borders come in handy for layouts and designs. It’s a powerhouse of an app, and it’s hard to deny its multi-functionality. Android and iOS users can download the app here with an exclusive 7-day trial. A premium account costs $4.99 a month, and with all the features, we think it’s absolutely a steal.

Instasize’s Editing Power Shines Through With Stunning Filters

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