Most of us will have a problem with blotchy skin at some point in our lives and it can be difficult to deal with. There are a lot of different causes so the first step is to work out why you’re getting blotchy skin in the first place and then you can start looking at the different potential treatments. It’s important to note that it’s something that happens naturally with age and in some cases, you won’t be able to get rid of those darker patches completely, but you can still reduce the appearance of them quite significantly. If you’re struggling with blotchy skin, these are some of the best ways to tackle it. 

Change Your Soap

If you’re using a very harsh soap that has a lot of strong fragrances in it, it will strip away the skins protective layer by removing the natural oils. A lot of the healthy fatty acids are also removed by harsh soaps and that means your skin is prone to drying out and getting blotchy. If you think that your soap might be too harsh, you should try switching it for something that is pH neutral and doesn’t have much of a fragrance to it. Using a gentler soap should make a big difference and you’ll notice a big reduction in blotchiness after a couple of days.

Use Vitamin C Based Products

Vitamin C is a great active ingredient that has so many skin benefits. It can increase the collagen production which helps to fight the signs of aging, it will brighten your skin, and most importantly, it will reduce the appearance of any dark spots and even out your skin tone. Check out this list of the best vitamin C serum 2018 to see which one will work best for evening out your skin tone. If you use a vitamin C based serum on a daily basis, you’ll notice a big reduction in inflammation which helps to deal with any red blotches and it will also help to fade dark spots so you’ll have a much more even skin tone.

Exfoliate Less

Exfoliating is a very important part of your daily skin routine because it removes the top layer of dead skin cells and gives your skin a healthy glow, and it also helps to clear out pores which reduces problems with acne, however, it is possible to go overboard. If you’re using good quality products, it shouldn’t take too much effort to remove those dead skin cells. But if you’re scrubbing away too hard, you’ll start to damage the skin, leaving it inflamed and blotchy. Try to avoid chemical peels or any products that have harsh, gritty exfoliators in them if you struggle with blotchy skin. Instead, look for gentler exfoliators like sugar, for example, and use them sparingly.

Wear Sunscreen

This is the most important thing to remember because exposure to the sun without protection can cause a lot of dark patches on the skin and they’re incredibly difficult to get rid of once the damage has been done. Always wear a high factor sunscreen when you’re out in the summer and try to use a moisturizer with SPF protection, even in the winter.

If you want to make sure that your blotchy skin issues are dealt with properly, it makes sense to see a specialist. A professional dermatologist will be able to get to the bottom of your problems and deal with any underlying issues that might be present. That should help to ensure the best possible long-term outcomes for your skin.


The Most Effective Ways To Deal With Blotchy Skin

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