) )) ))) Turn up the Volume with: beyerdynamic))))

Disclaimer: This product was received from beyerdynamic)))) for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are those of the writer, who was not paid to endorse it. Only personal opinions are voiced about the product.

One of the most common problems that I tend to run into when wearing enclosure headphones is that the bands just about always hurt my head after maybe half an hour to an hour of wearing. I never really considered that perhaps it was the weight of the product that was the cause of my aches. It probably doesn’t help that I’m listening to music that is both heavy and metal (haha), but jokes aside I have been wearing the DT 240 Pro from beyerdynamic for hours now and the only thing that hurts is my tush (now if only they could also design a chair, right?)! Something like this would be perfect for those of you who podcast, or know anyone that does podcast and have to spend hours on end with headphones on. Being able to rely on the sound quality is a sure plus, if not the main feature of interest.


About beyerdynamic

The Shareholder’s vision for beyerdynamic is as a specialist manufacturer and engineering company with a specific focus within the Conferencing and Transducer (headphones / headsets & microphones) market segments.

beyerdynamic commits to a policy of continuous research and development employing a highly qualified team of engineers thus insuring the company’s future as a leader in the audio industry.

DT 240 Pro, and other headphones aside, beyerdynamic provides their clients with an array of high quality production and conference equipment / technology. This is, of course, good for many tasks and would make the perfect gift for anyone who is into: gaming, streaming, pod casting, producing/creating music, or simply just as a fantastic pair of headphones for listening to your media. With the DT 240 Pro’s high noise isolation design us Christmas enthusiasts can discretely listen to our favorite tunes whenever we feel like it without any judgement!

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) )) ))) Turn up the Volume with: beyerdynamic))))

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119 thoughts on “) )) ))) Turn up the Volume with: beyerdynamic))))

  1. I have also had problems with enclosure headphones hurting my head, so it’s good to hear that you don’t experience the same problem with these beyerdynamic headphones.

  2. I have the same problem with wearing headphones!!! It never fails, no matter how much I spend on the darn things, my ears hurt after a little while. I am very interested in these now! Thank you for the info!

  3. My son does a lot of gaming and likes to listen to music so he needs a pair of comfortable headphones to use for that.

  4. I’ve never had really good quality headphones, and these look like they are really nice and comfortable!

  5. These look pretty awesome and comfortable! I can’t stand ear buds, they never stay and are so painful shoving into my ears!

  6. Oh these sound so wonderful. I have that same problem too….probably the weight of them. I love that these are lighter!

  7. My son is getting more and more into making youtube videos and having his own channel. I think he would love this.

  8. I might check out these headphones soon. I have an issue with my current ones hurting my ears and giving me a headache after awhile.

  9. I have headsets..love them for my own personal enjoyment without disturbing anyone else.
    These looks like nice ones too.

  10. These sound like they would be great for our daughter! I don’t like her wearing the ear buds and regular over the ear headphones usually won’t stay on her or bother her!

  11. My lil son and all three of my nieces really need these. One of them got an ear infection from the other kind of ear phones and we are trying to find her some better ones.

  12. I have similar problem with some phones hurting after wearing for a while. Would love to try these lighter wt. ones

  13. Love over the ear phones!! So perfect for noise cancelling and clear music!! These look so comfy and super cute too!! I love that they have good clear sound!

  14. thanks for the information. I never really thought about it being the weight. My daughter likes this style but every pair she gets, she ends up complaining they hurt her head.

  15. How funny!! I never even thought about it but after reading the above I realized the reason I always get a headache after wearing headphones for even 30 minutes is probably bc of the weight pulling down on my head. These type sound really nice and perfect for what I would need.

  16. Sounds like the one our son would really like. At times he has to spend hours with headphones on, these sound perfect.

  17. Headphones usually start to hurt my head after a little bit, too. I’d definitely try these. They look great & I do prefer headphones rather than earbuds.

  18. I love gaming. But headphones are always great. I like to do my own thing but so do my friends and stuff and sometimes we just have them all on maybe someone is doing homework or someone is video gaming or maybe someone is just chatting with a friend. Awesome.

  19. I think everyone likes this type of product when they work good. So many great songs to listen too while you are doing other things everyday.

  20. My brother gets a new set of headphones every year. He wears them out so fast is seems as they are always on his ears or around his neck. I will be suggesting these next time I see him!

  21. My entire family would fight over thesem they look like great headphones. My son would use them the most I think.

  22. These would be great fir my 11 year old who is in band and listens to a lot of lessons while practicing and taping her practices. The lightweight design will help with that heaviness she feels with other headphones.

  23. I would love a pair of these headphones. I have been using earbuds and have been having and earache. I am not sure if it is from them.

  24. These would be nice for my kiddos. Sometimes I get tired of hearing minecraft and taylor swift lol. They look really comfortable to wear.

  25. I’m always looking for great headphones. I love listening to music but not the same music my husband would appreciate. Any headsets that could be plugged into the tv or bluetooth would be great so I could listen to TV without listening to ‘someone’ crunching their popcorn.

  26. This would be perfect for my daughter. She goes through headphones really fast for some reason but I bet these would last her a long time..

  27. I listen to music a lot at work. It is always uncomfortable. I’d love to try these. The comfort level alone makes me want these.

  28. I have not heard of the brand before. It sounds like a great pair! I would use them for watching my favorite tv shows at home!

  29. I have a similar problem with wearing headphones; as I am disabled and this (music) is my only escape from the pain and being teased. As much / little as I spend on the darn things, my finances are limited and often get subtracted from other things but I always will do what I promised my family – follow my dreams no matter how long it takes – at this time I am at a stopping point because of lack in financial as the majority of savings was put towards medical bills that are ongoing that result from an accident that wasnt my fault. The driver at fault had no insurance & didnt own the vehicle. I am very interested in these and plan to save my pennies for them and a laptop to which I can put medical data on and my music!

    Thank you for the sharing!

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