Everything You Need To Know About Taking Vacation Photos In 2017

Disposable cameras were once a staple during vacation packing. They were cheap, and ideal for taking vacation photos…capturing overseas memories. You couldn’t see what you were taking, but that didn’t matter. In fact, discovering the photographs once you got home was part of the fun.

Everything You Need To Know About Taking Vacation Photos In 2017

Now, though, disposable options are near enough impossible to find. Instead, holiday snaps have become serious business. We’re all budding travel photographers, and we want to get the best snaps possible. As such, more planning goes into our photo taking. To ensure you get off on the right footing next time you go away, we’ve covered some of the bases for you.

What should you use?

The first question you should ask is what you’ll use to take your snaps. With disposable options out of the window, there are two main contenders:

Digital cameras

Digital are the first choice, and they still lead the way when it comes to holiday snaps. Unlike disposable options, these have great memories and allow you to see photos before you take them. Plus, even cheap options offer reasonably good quality. Some even provide different features, such as soft focus and differing aperture speeds. Here is a great guide on how to understand and use aperture. And, if you want to take pictures from a distance, you could always invest in zoom lenses which would do the job.”


Phones are the other popular choice on the market. And,

these are fast catching digital cameras when it comes to the top choice. The main benefit of taking holiday pictures on your phone is the convenience. You have it in your pocket already, so pulling it out to take pictures is no hassle. The main downsides are that memory is more limited unless you buy extra cards. Plus, not all phones have good quality cameras. If you’re considering taking a lot of pictures, opt for something like the Samsung Galaxy S8, or the iPhone. When using your phone, you can also upload photos straight to your chosen platform.

Of course, the choice depends on what you’ll be photographing, and what you intend to use those pictures for. Consider the plus points of both, and decide which would best suit your needs.

Making them look good

Once you know how you’ll be taking your photographs, you need to consider how to make them look good. Your disposable snaps may not have been the best quality, but they didn’t need to be. But, in the Insta generation, all photographs should adhere to a particular image. You want your holiday snaps to look as palatable and artistic as possible.

So, it’s time to learn what you need to know. The good news is, your equipment will handle picture quality and so on. All you need to take care of is the framing and focus of your photos.


The best photographers will tell you that style is the backbone for any good photos. So, spend some time experimenting early on in the holiday. Find a style which works for you, and incorporate it into all your pictures. That style could be as simple as portrait vs. landscape. Or, you could take it further by incorporating certain colors of art choices.

Once you have your style, work at capturing it in an Instaworthy fashion. Bear in mind that minimalist is often best. You don’t want your pictures to look messy. Instead, keep them clean and sharp. If working with a portrait, natural is better. A few dreamy stares into the distance are sure to go down well.

Where to share

So, you have your snaps, and you’re ready to share them. But, how should you do it? Once upon a time, you invited your loved ones round and bored them to death with shot after shot of the same thing. Now, though, you have a few different options. And, you don’t have to wait until you get home to use them.

You could send photo postcards online to give people a teaser of your newfound photography skills. This is a fun way to make use of an old tradition. Plus, only sending one postcard ensures no one will get bored of your vacation escapades.

And, of course, you could post online throughout your time away. Bear in mind that holiday spam is just as bad as the old show and tell. Plus, posting multiple pictures may mean your snaps aren’t as good quality as they could be. To keep quality high and quantity low, pick only your favorite picture from each day. Then, post it on Instagram and see how people react.

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