With Cords of Steel Frayed Cords are a Thing of the Past

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With Cords of Steel Frayed Cords are a Thing of the Past


There isn’t anything that is much more frustrating, than trying to charge one’s cell phone or tablet, only to find that the power cord is damaged.  Unfortunately this happens quite often and cords get frayed from being removed from such devices.  But, with Cords of Steel, that is no longer an issue, unless maybe King Kong gets your charger!

About Cords of Steel

The Toughest, Smartest, Most Versatile Charger EVER! One Reversible Head charges hundreds of devices with one single head apple/android micro USB

And tough they are.  Just look at the mechanics

Cords of Steel Make Charging a Breeze

That’s pretty darn impressive, if I say so myself. 

OK, so now the girly in me is going to come out.  I should say how awesome it is to be able to get Cords of Steel in both 3 ft. and 6 ft. lengths (which is great), or how they come with a warranty (which is pretty darn cool),  But nope, I’m gonna rave over the fact that mine is ROSE GOLD and GORGEOUS!

With Cords of Steel Frayed Cords are a Thing of the Past

So, maybe Rose Gold isn’t your thing.  No worries, they come in:

  • Gun Metal
  • Silver
  • Rainbow (my next favorite)
  • Blue

From the Designer

Tired of cords that fray? Tired of cords that wear out? Tired of your cord being chewed by your adorable puppy?Tired of never having the right cord for ALL your devices?Tired of spending good money on cord after cord?

My name is Cliff and that’s why I designed The RightAngle! The Toughest, Smartest, Most Versatile Charging Cord on the Market!

Like most people I just got fed up with charging cords that frayed or were easily damaged! I also grew tired of going to a friend’s house and all he had was a cord that charges Android and I have an iPhone! The RightAngle will set you free

Doesn’t really matter if you’ve been naughty or nice…Get some Cords of Steel for yourself, and for all your family and friends. Give a gift this holiday season, that will probably last a lifetime.

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9 thoughts on “With Cords of Steel Frayed Cords are a Thing of the Past

  • Love these, I have replaced so many cords.

  • I love the colors they come in too sound great to use.

  • Have been through so many cords knowing each time I buy them they won’t last. These look like they are in it for the long term….well done.

  • This is amazing! I go through cables so fast because they get bent or damaged by my sons. I would save a lot of money this way.

  • These are really nice. With a puppy and a crazy cat we need a few of these!

  • I love this idea! And the colors are amazing too. My poor iphone cord has frayed and after not too long I am having to replace it. This is a good idea and I am glad it is made out of a more rugged material.

  • I really need to get these.

  • These are really cool. Thank you for sharing.

  • These cords sound awesome. I keep replacing our cords because they break so easy.


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