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Stay Out of Sight with CreepBlockers

We’ve all seen shows on TV where unsuspecting individuals and families have been spied on unbeknownst to them. We’ve heard stories – read about cases online.

Doesn’t it make your skin crawl?  Technology is a wonderful thing…accept for when it isn’t.  We need ongoing advancements in technology, but we also need to be aware and take precations to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.  Enter CreepBlockers from SaferTech.

CreepBlockers are an easy way to keep you cellphone, tablet and computer cameras and audio PRIVATE

Stay Out of Sight with CreepBlockers
“Creep Blockers: Webcam and Microphone covers with style and attitude. Creative Cyber Security 60 Pack does it all. Each pack has dozens of shapes, sizes and messages for every device and every personality! CREEPBLOCKERS is the brainchild of August Brice of HEILlBrice, a successful advertising firm in beautiful Newport Beach, CA . The Agency team designed these covers to not just work, but to let you express your personality and style. Choose our Bold cover option for more clean and decidedly adult designs or opt for our Sweet edition covers for more fun and family friendly choices. Superb safeguarding: Enough thickness to MUFFLE MICROPHONES on laptops, tablets and monitors and BLOCK WEBCAMS on cellphones, smart phones, computers, laptops, tablets, xbox, monitors and other devices. High Quality Vinyl. Reusable. Removable. Residue Free. Perfect in Every way. Designed in California. Made In the USA”

About CreepBlockers – Webcam Covers Cyber Security for All Devices

Our lives are connected through technology. Our passion at Safer Tech is to bring you solutions that keep your mind, body and spirit thriving.


The covers are easy to use – Just peel off the backing and place over camera and/or microphone.  Simply remove and place on another part of the cellphone, laptop, tablet, etc. when you wish to take a photo or video, or when you wish to make a call.  Once you’re done, just move it back. The cost is so nominal that anyone who can afford a device, can afford these. Choose from Bold or Sweet color palettes.

Stay Out of Sight with CreepBlockers
“Peel and stick these specialized webcam covers and privacy decals to your personal tech devices for the most sophisticated and stylish monitoring protection. Made from a unique material that won’t leave residue on your phone, computer or tablet and that can be re-used many times. No need to use band-aids or tape that might cause damage! Creepblocks give you superb safeguarding, because they are designed with enough thickness to block webcams and still add a luxurious design aesthetic.”

I’ve kept a sticky note over my computer camera for years (and family members have laughed at me for doing so), but I never even thought about my cell phone or tablet.  You better believe that they are all covered now. Go check out CreepBlockers – safety and peice of mind for just $11.99 per sheet of over 60 decals.

Stay Out of Sight with CreepBlockers

Pick up a few extras – and slip them in the stockings or under the tree, for the people that you love!

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3 thoughts on “Stay Out of Sight with CreepBlockers

  • I started being really scared about being watched and heard right when I saw “Snowden” and “CSI:Cyber”…it’s terrifying thinking that people could spy on me, so I put on a tape on my pc camera as well. Now that I know that there’s Creepblockers I think I might know what to put on my Christmas list: so I’ll be protected and stylish at the same time!

  • So cool, thanks for this post.

  • I went and bought these and they are really really clever. I put them on my kids computers, my computer and my husbands!


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