A Clean Home for the Holidays Thanks to MaidPro

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This week I can take a “Never ever have I” off of my list and put it on my “I have” list, because I have officially hired a cleaning service for the first time! This week, I had MaidPro come and clean my house. And let’s just say, it was a very welcoming visit! During the month of October dust, dirt and mess piled up due to busy schedules and sick babies, causing me to feel anxious and overwhelmed, not knowing where to start. So when I was offered a chance to try out MaidPro, I was all on it.

A Clean Home for the Holidays Thanks to MaidPro

How do you schedule with Maidpro?

Having never hired a cleaning service, I wasn’t sure how to go about it. So, I started at the beginning. I first looked up MaidPro’s website. On the website there is a place to  input your zip code to begin the process of getting an estimate.  Once zip code is entered a phone number to call and a short questionnaire on your house pops up. Being one that prefers text/email over phone, I of course filled out the form instead of calling.

Once the form was filled out I received an email saying additional information was needed and I received a call the next day. While on the phone with MaidPro, I was asked many questions such as: Do I have any pets? What areas would I like cleaned? ( I chose to do just the main areas, bathrooms and the guest bedroom…), How often would I like my home cleaned? (If you schedule for weekly cleanings, there may be a discount for the initial deep clean). After many questions, they were able to give me a quote over the phone (which with my busy schedule, I loved) and discuss how soon they would be able to come. I then received another phone call from the local office to schedule the appointment.

My appointment was able to be scheduled 3 days after my phone call, thank goodness! My house is in need of some tender love and care!

A Clean Home for the Holidays Thanks to MaidPro

A Clean Home for the Holidays Thanks to MaidproMaidPro is on a  mission:

We want to clean up North America. We have a vision of bathrooms and kitchens sparkling, beds made, furniture polished, freshly vacuumed carpets and hardwood floors so shiny you can see your smiling face. We believe that your home deserves a personalized clean — beyond your expectations — by quality, trained professionals who clean your home the way you want.

Cleaning Day!

After 3 lazy days, my cleaning day finally came! Haha, actually it was a couple of days of running around trying to pick up and organize to get my house ready to be cleaned. I know… This part isn’t a must, but by doing this much more cleaning can get done quicker. It takes double the time when  having to dig through toys, books and clothes. Besides, I can’t let strangers see my mess.
MaidPro sent two ladies to my house to clean, this way it could be cleaned in half the time that it would take one. This was at no extra charge, due to the same amount of time being spent both ways. I appreciated this, because with little kids and work needing to be done, the quicker it got back to normal the better! The MaidPro ladies were great. They were courteous, kind and did not mind when my dog insisted on visiting with them. They brought their own cleaning supplies and worked off of a 49 point checklist to get each room as clean as possible.
 A Clean Home for the Holidays Thanks to MaidPro
At the end of our time together, I could smell the difference in the house. So much cleaner! The kitchen was my favorite part of the cleaning. She took each item off of the counter and wiped them down. Then cleaned each of the cabinet faces. There was a couple of small areas that were missed, but with one quick email to MaidPro (after 5 PM ) I was notified that the have a 24 hr guarantee and they would send someone out the next day if any issues were found. I love this guarantee, because sometimes at first glance no issues are found but then as the day goes on and you get a closer look you may see something here and there.

With the holidays coming up, I know I am always looking for the perfect gift for my loved ones. The search can officially end now, with the fabulous gift of a clean house by MaidPro. So, look no further give the gift of MaidPro today! Or even better give yourself a stress free holiday, with MaidPros help.

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A Clean Home for the Holidays Thanks to MaidPro

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13 thoughts on “A Clean Home for the Holidays Thanks to MaidPro

  1. Wow!! They sound like lifesavers!! I would adore to have a maid come and tidy up for me! I feel like I can never get ahead!

  2. Wow! Sounds like a great service. And the fact that you can easily order it on lien and in just a few days, the service is completed is fascinating. I would definitely consider using this. Especially now that the holidays are approaching. Great idea!

  3. They sound like a fabulous company. I would love to have someone come clean at my house. I’ll have to see if they are in my area ☺

  4. What I would give for someone to clean my home!! I’ve never heard of Maid Pro and may have to give them a look up. My mom is aging and needs help with her house work.

  5. I have never seen “MaidPro” before. I hate cleaning; however, I have to clean up myself alone at home, it is pretty overwhelming because I have a lot of old things I need to let go. I might consider to try this one. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. I could so see myself getting this! I would love a little help esp at the holidays before people come over!

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