When Are Children Supposed To Lose Their Baby Teeth?

Parents are advised to bring their children to the dentist as early as one year of age. By one year, the children have all their baby teeth, and if they develop problems, the dentist could perform a variety of services to correct damage and protect the underlying adult teeth.

Managing Baby Teeth

Children get their baby teeth starting at the age of six months, and they will start losing them as they turn 6 years old. The baby teeth will become loose and give way to the adult teeth underneath the gum lines.

The children must visit their dental professional regularly to evaluate their teeth at least once a year, and dentists recommend semi-annual cleanings to remove any debris and bacteria from the teeth and gums. Parents can contact the Best Family Dentist and schedule an appointment for their children now.

Should They Be Extracted?

While the baby teeth become loose on their own, it isn’t a great idea to force them out. Parents shouldn’t try to pull the teeth out themselves as this could damage the adult teeth. Many dental professionals recommend bringing the kids in for a professional extraction.

The dentist can use proven methods of tooth removal to avoid harm to the adult teeth and eliminate the teeth safely. The parents can also rest assured that the teeth won’t become dislodged, and their kids won’t swallow the teeth accidentally. For more information on dental care for children, you can consult this reputable family dentist in san antonio.

How to Protect the Adult Teeth

Child at dentist getting fluoride treatment When Are Children Supposed To Lose Their Baby Teeth

Regular dental visits can protect the adult teeth, and the children won’t sustain any damage to these teeth. The dental professionals complete x-rays to determine if there is a possibility of overcrowding that could cause misalignment of the adult teeth.

As the adult teeth erupt through the gum line, the dental professionals monitor the teeth and the way they align. If the adult teeth are crooked, the patient will need braces or other devices to straighten their teeth once all the baby teeth have been removed.

Should Parents Get Baby Teeth Repaired?

Yes, if the child develops a cavity on their baby teeth, the parents should set up an appointment for a filling. The cavities can cause damage to surrounding teeth and the adult teeth underneath the baby teeth. Cavities could also cause pain and discomfort for the child. Even a simple cavity requires dental treatment, and the parents should schedule the services as needed.

How to Protect the Molars

Dental professionals will provide a variety of treatments to protect the adult molars after the teeth have erupted through the gum line. Dental bonding is a treatment that provides a protective barrier over the molars and prevents damage from biting hard substances.

Children don’t sustain damage to the teeth, and they will remain healthy into adulthood. The treatment isn’t permanent and will wear over time. However, it could present the patients with healthier adult teeth and help them avoid common issues.

Children get their baby teeth starting at 6 months of age, and they will start losing these teeth by age 6. Regular dental visits are a must for all kids, and dental professionals recommend that children undergo examinations and semiannual cleanings. Damaged baby teeth must be repaired to prevent damage to the adult teeth. When the adult teeth erupt through the gum lines, the dental professionals must show the children and parents the best ways to protect them.

If you still have questions about baby teeth, you should start looking for an emergency dentist in Las Vegas or one near you so they can shed a light on your queries.

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