4 Things You Didn’t Know Can Make Your Skin Glow

Winter is a harsh time of year for our skin, and you may find that its more dull and dry than full of life. We want our skin to glow all year round, but with the tons of festivities planned during the Winter months we really want to look our best. And, looking our best always starts with great skin. Well, worry no more! Here are five things that can give you the glow you’re looking for.

Coconut Oil

4 Things You Didn't Know Can Make Your Skin Glow

You’ve probably already heard of the many benefits of coconut oil. It’s 2017’s trending health product. There are so many things you can do with coconut oil, but did you know it’s a fantastic beauty product? Along with being the main ingredient for many homemade conditioning hair treatments, it can also double up as the best facial moisturizer you’ll ever lay your hands on. So, if your skin is going through a dry patch because of the cold weather, apply a few drops of coconut oil to your face and leave for twenty minutes. Wipe off with a damp cloth and you’ll be ready to apply your make up.


Massage isn’t something that’s usually connected with facial beauty. It’s well known as a relaxation therapy and a luxury treat when visiting spas. But, one massage per week can do wonders for your skin. Not only are you surrounded by natural aromas and oils, but massage promotes blood flow throughout the body and helps return color to dull skin. You can even arrange for mobile massage at your own home for your convenience. In fact, many dermatologists recommend home facial massage techniques to patients suffering with acne so the skin is encouraged to heal itself.

Cleansing Brush

We’re often sold the cleansing solutions, along with exfoliators and creams, and anything else that makes our cleansing routines hours long. But, there isn’t always much emphasis on cleansing brushes. A cleansing brush can do almost everything a solution does by removing the dirt and grime we pick up on our skin on a daily basis. As the party season kicks in, it’s so important to remember to remove makeup and cleanse your skin before going to bed. The new FaceSpa from Braun even has an epilator to remove any unwanted facial hairs.


4 Things You Didn't Know Can Make Your Skin Glow

There’s been more emphasis on staying hydrated this year, but that certainly shouldn’t stop just because the weather’s colder. In fact, the top fashion bloggers of Instagram say it’s equally as important to hydrate yourself through the Winter as it is through the Summer. That’s because we use a lot of dry heat during the Winter – your car’s heater and indoor radiators or fires. These are often bad for the skin and quickly absorb any hydration your skin is holding. You need to replace the moisture you lose quickly if you want your skin to look it’s best.

Along with these simple tricks, always make sure your skin routine is being carried out at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Give your skin the attention it deserves!

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