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Moving Woes: When You Have Too Many Things!

It’s time to get up and go. Moving house is not common but it’s not uncommon either. On average, you’re likely to move house every 8-9 years. That means that before it’s time to retire, you will have racked up 5-6 moves at least in your lifetime. However, for some people each time you move you’re presented with new challenges. One of the most frequently annoying challenges is when you have too many things. Suddenly you realize that although you might not have a large family and you may not be moving into a bigger house, you have the logistical circumstances of a big move. How on earth are you going to move all of your things when you have almost twice as much stuff as the average family?

Moving Woes: When You Have Too Many Things!

The transition of moving house is tricky because it’s all about timing. You don’t have full control over when the owners of your new house move out unless you negotiate for it in the sale contract. It’s vital that you try to make a legal requirement for the owners to move out of the property a few days or weeks before you need to move out of your own home. This will give you a bit more time to make multiple trips if needed, to transport all of your things. Squishing the move into one or two days is going to end in tears. You have to make it known to your solicitor and to the real estate agent, that you would like ample time, more than is normally required. This is a special request as many contracts stick to the rules that have been legally set in the industry. But, it’s worth a shot.

A middleman island

If you don’t get the extra time needed, don’t panic. You can utilize the storage services. There’s usually around-the-clock security, as well as proper ventilation of the units. These types of storage spaces should be used for more complex items like sofas, cabinets, drawers, beds and large kitchen appliances. Hire movers that know how to utilize the limited space your unit provides. They should be trained and certified so your precious belongings are not in peril of being damaged when being moved. This will leave you with the task of moving the smaller items on the day. You can always come back to the storage space after you’ve officially moved in to get your things. This is a great middleman service that acts like a small private island for you to drop your things off and come back whenever you’re ready. You should take your things to this space days or weeks before the actual move just to be well-prepared.

In life, not everything goes your way. Sometimes you are left with not much time to do what you need to do. But if you can invite friends and family over to help you move, the more hands that are packing and wrapping things, the better. Lay out a spread so everyone can refuel during the day and get as much done as you possibly can by waking up early.

The early bird gets the worm, especially when you’re moving a lot of things during a relocation. You need to ask for special treatment in the contract, by having the owners of your new home move out early if it’s possible. This gives you more time than usual to move all of your things in. 


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