Home Wedding Ideas: How to Transform Your Backyard Into a Wedding Wonderland

There are more than 2 million wedding ceremonies performed each year. Make your ceremony stand out with an outdoor garden wedding.

Home wedding ideas are the best fit for brides on a budget or anyone looking for a more intimate affair. Check out these home wedding ideas that will transform your backyard into an epic celebration.

Rustic Garden Weddings

Any backyard can become a garden with the right floral garland. There are dozens of DIY floral garland ideas that add a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony.

Symmetry and repetition are key to creating stunning outdoor wedding décor. Choose no more than four colors when selecting flowers.

Install rows of wooden stakes in the ground to hold your floral garlands. Fresh or silk flowers both work for this design concept.

Blush pinks, yellows, and white flowers make the most impact in a backyard wedding since they contrast the surrounding green or browns. Chalkboards or repurposed wood planks offer a nice complement as directional signage throughout the event.

Just remember to use the same style wood or chalkboard throughout to make the most dramatic visual impact.

Forest Themed Wedding

Kickstart your nuptials with a wedding fit for a fairy tale with a forest-themed wedding. Get whimsical with tree stumps as serving platters and hanging lanterns throughout.

Forest themes are fun in that they can incorporate your favorite fantasy movie. For example, consider hiring a DJ to play at a table adorned upside-down tea kettles and checkered fabric from Alice in Wonderland.

Playing cards and vintage serving ware throughout helps to enhance the fairy tale-like theme without looking cheap. This idea works for small budgets because most vintage-like decor can be found in thrift stores.

If you’re having a night wedding, use lawn stakes to hang lanterns along the path leading to the alter. The soft flow of the candlelight will create a romantic ambiance for your event.

Bohemian Wedding

A bohemian themed backyard wedding is a popular idea because it takes the formality out of the wedding ceremony. Bohemian themed weddings focus on fabric instead of flowers.

Draping colorful prints from trees and along fences bring vibrant color to a backyard ceremony. Add metallic gold and silver to the decor to reflect the surrounding color.

Benches topped with cushions make a great seating option in place of traditional folding wedding chairs. String paper lanterns from trees to bring in a soft glow of light if you are using the same space for the reception.

Budget-Friendly Home Wedding Ideas

Home wedding ideas are a great choice because they bring an intimate feel to the ceremony. A small space gives you the opportunity to make a bigger visual impact for less money.

Consider making your own and thrifting decorations when possible. Themes make wedding props easier to identify and make it easier to research ideas.

No matter what you choose, your wedding day is sure to be an event to remember. For more information and lifestyle tips, check our blog for updates.


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