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Giving Your Garden A Pre-Summer Makeover

It might not seem it quite yet, but summer is definitely on its way. And, with the summer sun comes the opportunity to enjoy lazy, sunny afternoons in your garden. Whether you want the peace and quiet while you lay reading books, or you want all of your family and friends around to enjoy the BBQ season on your patio or decking, you will want your garden to look the part. 

But the winter months can often be very cruel to our precious gardens. A combination of wind, rain, ice, and snow can often ravage the plants, lawn, and social areas that we spend so much time on maintaining during the fairer weather. 

So, as spring starts to emerge, it is time to get outside and start preparing… Giving Your Garden A Pre-Summer Makeover

Your Decks And Patios 

Whether you have a deck or patio, you will need to give it some attention before you are able to enjoy it again during the summer months.

Patios often attract a lot of algae during the winter months. They may develop moss in places, or weeds might start to work their way through cracks between the tiles. A power-hose is one of the best ways of dealing with getting your patio nice and clean once more. 

Your deck should be treated in order to prevent the wood from rotting or warping due to exposure to rain and ice. If your patio has sustained any damage to the integrity of the wood during the winter, it is important to get this repaired before you start to use the deck again. And, it is worth getting your deck treated to prevent further damage. 

If you don’t have decks and patios in your home, spring is a great chance to look at getting one made. Get in touch with a reputable local patio and decking specialist to book yours in ahead of the summer BBQ season. 

Lawn Care

During the harsh winter months, your lawn probably will not have been mown. Autumn may have discarded leaves on your grass, and if these were not raked up, then they may damaged the grass underneath. Harsh frosts could also have damaged your grass too. You may have dead patches of lawn in amongst the overgrown areas. You may have weeds sprouting up which could look quite unsightly. 

Start off by removing all of the weeds from your lawn by the root. Then rake off any leaves and dead grass that may be on your lawn. You can then mow your lawn. 

Once the lawn is mown, you should focus your attention on tidying up any edges that have become messy or overgrown. There may have patches that have stretched out onto the pathways and that look scruffy. Trim these back. 

Next up, you should sow some new lawn seeds on the areas of the grass that have died. This will mean that by the summer, you will have a healthy-looking lawn once more. 


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