Hmmmmm, I Wonder…

Have you ever been bamboozled by the mysteries of life?
Well then, you’re in good company.
I hope that this will become on ongoing series..
so buckle your seat belts, and get ready to take a ride,
on the roller coaster of hilarity
(or maybe just skip through the haze of hysteria )
of what goes through my mind!
Hmmmm, I wonder why:
You wear a skirt.
You pick out a shirt.
A dress hangs in your closet.
A tie goes around your neck.
You wear a pair of socks and a pair of shoes.
A pair of earring hang on your earlobes.
I get that…

But why do you wear a pair of pants?
A pair of jeans?
A pair of trousers?
A pair of shorts?

You don’t wear a pair of pant suites…
just a pant suit.

A pair is two. 
Yeah, you have two legs, but you also have two arms,
and you don’t wear a pair of shirts…
well unless you layer, and then I guess you do wear a pair, 
or would that be a set? 
And this confuses me. You sit a glass on the table, but you
set the table when you put a plate, glass, fork and spoon on the table.
So, set is the plural of sit?  I’ve got two butt cheeks but I don’t 
set them down on the sofa, I sit them down, or plop them down, 
or slide them down – depending on how stiff I am…
…Ooops – got a little off subject there for a second.

Here is another twist to this deluge of dilemma…
it’s 7:30 and the bus comes at 7:35…you yell at the top of your lungs
“Jimmy put your pants on, the bus is coming!”
So why don’t we say, “put on your pair of pants!”?
Life is a mystery and sometimes it makes my head hurt…
but so does drinking a Slurpee YOW – Brain Freeze!


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0 thoughts on “Hmmmmm, I Wonder…

  • I knew you were a deep thinker.. Cute post. Very clever!

  • I like a good sense of humor and you definitely have one.I enjoy reading your blogs.

  • You are definitely thinking WAYYYYY too much!

  • I’d say you’d have a set of shirts… Going to be pondering.

  • I am afraid I do not have time to think as deeply as you – good for you, if you enjoy it why not?

  • The “pair of shirts” part made me laugh.


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