5 Easy Ways to Reduce Utility Bills in Your Home

On average, a person spends at least twenty percent of his/her monthly income when living alone or up to ten percent of income when sharing the cost of utility bills with a partner or a roommate. Some essential utility bills such as water and electricity directly affect our daily lives and can not be ignored. Since such statements are recurrent, we can only make an effort to lower unnecessary costs that may arise from electricity and water use. This article provides five easy ways to reduce the cost of these essential utilities at home. Keep reading to learn how to make more savings!

Ways to Reduce Utility Bills at Home

Reducing electricity bills

1. Regulate modes of heating.

When it comes to electricity bills, heating and cooling is the largest source of expense at home. A furnace is used as a central system of heat in most places. According to Professional North York Furnace Repair Service: “When considering using a furnace to produce heat at home, you should evaluate its effectiveness and how cost-friendly it comes to electric consumption. For instance, it is advisable to use a speed-based blowing furnace which consumes 325 watts less than a typical blowing furnace, thus providing a similar comfort at a utility bill friendly cost. It is vital that you check on your already installed furnace’s efficiency as the effectiveness of furnaces may decrease as they age, depending on their maintenance.” A less effective furnace will result in higher electric consumption to provide the desired heat condition. Ensuring the effectiveness of a furnace would mean less electric consumption, thus reduced electric bills. You can even hire a professional furnace repair company for the maintenance of your furnace.

Alternatively, you should consider lowering your electricity bills by refusing the urge to turn up the heater and to turn down the thermostat when it is not necessary. If this does not work for you, then you should consider using a programmable thermostat that you can set to suit your preference based on time without having to adjust it. This can be done so that the thermostat switches to lower cost-effective levels when one is asleep or not at home. A programmed thermostat will automatically make suitable changes to avoid your previous unnecessary expenses of heating and cooling.

2. Regulate heating of water at home

Water heating is probably the second-highest electric consumer at home. People often bathe in hot showers, and some even wash their laundry with heated water. To accommodate the cost of electricity, you should consider lowering the water heater’s heating temperatures at home. This applies to all appliances responsible for hot water in sinks and showers. Similarly, it is paramount to switch off these heaters when you are away from home, say on vacation, to help to incur unnecessary electric bills. This will help a great way of minimizing the amount of electricity used.

In the same way, you should consider washing clothes in cold water instead of using hot water laundry machines or heating water to wash clothes. This is still an effective method of cleaning your laundry and will provide the same results when using heated water, although it may require a bit of energy.

3.Consider using a pre-paid electric bill plan

If you plan on reducing your electricity bill and staying within a specific electric budget, then using a prepaid-electric bill is the best option for you. In this plan, you have to pay for electricity before you can use it. Unlike the post-pay electric program, here you only consume the amount of electricity you have budgeted for. This will help you to track the circumstances responsible for high energy use, allowing you to contain and plan on your energy budget.

Reducing water bills

Water wastage is a predominant factor for high water bills at home. Management of water is an essential and effective method of reducing water bills at home. Below are factors you should consider to help you save water hence decreasing your expenditure.

4. Appropriate use of shower

Taking showers is an important activity that helps use a refresh, but long showers are certainly not essential at all. The longer you stay in the bathroom with your shower on, the more water is unnecessarily wasted. To capitalize on saving water wasted when bathing, it is important to consider spending the bathroom’s lesser required time. However, some people like spending much time in the shower, probably singing or thinking about their billion-dollar plans. Well, you do not have to inconvenience your singing comfort and the tranquil soliloquy. All you have to do is make sure that you turn off the shower while you lather up to avoid unnecessary excess water. Avoiding water wastage through showers will notably cut down the price of your water bills.

5. Inspect & fix your appliance

It’s not normal that sometimes you may end up paying for water you have not used. It is therefore vital that you may want to check your devices for possible leakages and drips regularly. Leakages may often be losing drops of water, which you may consider not to be wastage of water, but the average water lost from the continued dripping may prove to be a significant liability on your monthly water bill. Therefore, it is crucial to check and fix dripping faucets to ensure minimum water wastage, thus reducing water expenditure.

In conclusion, when it comes to saving money on your utility bills, consider buying energy-efficient appliances. You can reduce your home energy usage by almost fifty percent by getting your air conditioner checked regularly. When considering using a furnace to produce heat at home, you should evaluate its effectiveness and how cost-friendly it comes to electric consumption. Ensuring the point of a furnace would mean less electric consumption, thus reduced electric bills.


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