5 Heart-Warming Presents for Dog Owners

Are you searching for a unique and thoughtful gift for a friend or family member that loves dogs? Finding a different present can be difficult especially when they seem like they already have everything. But if you can choose a gift related to dogs, you know you are on to a winner!

We have found five heart-warming presents you can buy for dog owners that you know.

Custom Pet Portrait

If there is one thing that all dog owners love doing it is taking photos of their pets. You can send them a special gift by having a custom portrait created of their furry friend. This way, they can treasure it forever and hang the portrait up in their home. Search online and you can find lots of artists on Etsy and Fiver who will create a portrait in a variety of styles.

Dog Graphic Tee

People that have dogs always make sure that their life revolves around them. They adore their beloved companions. This means that they will also love a dog graphic tee to wear. There are lots of styles out there from bold designs to understated. You can find a style that suits your loved pet. What’s more, there are even some websites online that can create custom tees. You could make your friend or family member laugh by creating a graphic tee with an image of their pooch.

Custom Pet Blanket

You have got to have a warm and cozy blanket to lay on the couch at night and watch television. Of course, this makes a thoughtful present for anybody. But you can make this gift extra special for dog lovers by giving them a custom pet blanket. For example, when you choose custom blankets for your pets, you can design them any way that you want. If you are giving them to your friend for their couch, you can print them with an adorable image of their canine. You can also use this blanket for a dog bed too. Your loved one will appreciate the gesture.

Personalized Mug

Does your friend or family member love coffee as much as their dog? Make sure that they do not have to choose with a personalized mug. There are lots of online companies that allow you to choose an image and have it printed onto a mug. You can choose an adorable photo of their furry friend and give them the mug for their birthday or another special occasion. They are going to love a thoughtful gift like this one and they can use it every day at home or in the office.

Dog Charm Necklace

If you are searching for a lovely gift for a female friend or family member, consider a dog charm necklace. There are lots of beautiful designs you can choose from, with paw prints, bones and dog styles available. Dog lovers will enjoy wearing a necklace that means something to them and they will definitely treasure this type of gift. You can find a necklace that suits your budget crafted in gold or sterling silver.

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