I believe  that there has never been a more appropriate time for this book and the messages that it holds between it’s covers. I wish that I could afford to purchase a book for ever single member of congress, along with every person that has  an entitlement attitude.

Your Mark On The World

Your Mark On The World combines inspiring stories of ordinary people doing remarkable things to make the world a better place with practical advice to empower anyone to give more to a cause (charity, non-profit or social venture) without giving up a career or family.

The inspiring stories include:

Botevy’s life and death struggle through Pol Pot’s killing fields that led her ultimately to create an orphanage in Phnom Penh.

Rick’s personal crusade to cure cystic fibrosis to ensure that his two afflicted grandchildren will attend his funeral and not the other way around.

The eight-member Smith family’s world service tour.

David’s decision to walk away from a successful career as an international executive to volunteer to care for victims of leprosy in rural India.

These stories are combined with practical financial advice to empower you to give more to a cause without giving up your family or your career.

The book answers these questions:

How do I get out of debt and stay out of debt?

Which charity or cause do I choose to make my donation?

How do I decide where to volunteer?

How can our family plan a volunteer vacation?

How can I save money for retirement?

How much should I contribute to my 401k?

Can I use Mint to manage my budget?

How to retire early enough to devote healthy years to volunteering?

This must-read book provides an overview of philanthropy in America and around the world, providing you with a clear picture of charity and its fruits. You’ll learn the ability to leave your mark on the world.

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  1. I would ask.. how can you save money and get out of debt when things come up that need to be paid for… like glasses and exams… braces…. car repairs…?

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