6 Ways to Get Your Customers to Buy Printed Cotton Bags

All businesses need to hand out carrier bags to their customers. Most of these carrier bags end up in landfills where they pollute the environment. How can you avoid being responsible for the addition of pollution? You can run your business clean and green. Cheap printed eco bags are alternatives to plastic and paper bags that people tend to throw in the trash. While cheap printed eco bags are eco-friendly, many customers might not want to pay extra for them. Here is what you can do to ensure that your customers to buy cheap printed eco bags.

Design Them Well

Since your customer will be reusing your cheap printed eco bag, you need canvas bags printing, to design them well. Look for quirky or classy designs that suit the vibe of your shop. A well-designed bag can encourage your customer to go ahead and spend a few pennies on them. Make sure the product is durable, and the print does not get messy easily. Find the right cheap printed eco bag supplier to get the best design and quality.

Set the Right Price

If you price the printed bags at a high margin, then people will choose not to buy them. Depending on the size of the bag you can price it between £0.99-£10. By charging less for the bags, you will encourage your customers to buy them.

Give Them Away

You can choose to give the cotton printed bags away for free. For first time customers, you can give the bag for free to gain customer loyalty. Small size printed bags can be given away for free since they are rather inexpensive when you buy them in bulk. By getting smaller bags for free, your customers will be encouraged to buy the bigger bags.

Have Awareness Posters

Cheap printed eco bags are reusable bags. Once your customers buy the bags, they can carry it around till the bag cannot be used. In the process of reusing your bag, your customer will not have to buy another carrier bag from any other shops. Since there will be no need to buy more carrier bags for a while, a lot of resources will be saved. A single plastic carrier bag leaves behind a big carbon footprint. You can make your customers aware of the environmental impact of not buying reusable printed bags by sticking awareness posters in your shop.

Display Them Well

Just spending a lot of money behind getting printed reusable bags is not enough. Your thoughtfully designed bags should be out there for the customers to see. Have the different designs of your bag displayed near the checkout counter. Your customers need to see the bags before they pay for them.

Stock Different Sizes

By applying a one-size-fits-all policy toward reusable bags, you are in for a loss. You might be stocking things of various sizes in your shops so you need appropriately sized carrier bags. For a small object, you cannot charge your customer for a gigantic bag. Stoking different sizes of carrier bags gives your customer the freedom to choose the size they want.

By raising awareness and providing attractive designs you can encourage your customers to buy printed carrier bags when they shop at your stores.

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