7 Practical Housewarming Gift Ideas for Your Friend

Moving into a new house can be quite an exciting experience. However, the process of packing all your belongings and moving to a new home can be quite stressful. Why not light up your friend’s day by getting them a thoughtful housewarming gift? Your housewarming gift should also be practical and one that they can use almost every day in their new home. If you have no idea what gift you should get your friend as they move house, here are some practical housewarming gift ideas.

Personalized chopping board

If your friend hasn’t gotten round to getting a chopping board, you could get them a personalized board for their kitchen. Get their name or initials engraved on this chopping board or a special date to the both of you. A chopping board is a practical gift that you are sure they will use almost every day.

Essential oil diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is safer than scented candles, especially for young kids. If you don’t already know their favorite scent, you could inquire from them and purchase this wonderful, practical gift. There are plenty of options in the market, and you could select one that blends in with their predominant theme.

Coffee machine

We all have that one friend who cannot function without their morning cup of coffee. If you have the money on hand, you could splurge on a coffee machine and watch their eyes gleam with joy. They will think of you every time their fire up their new device to brew a cup of coffee.

Wine subscription

One of the best housewarming gifts for your oenophile friend would be a wine subscription. They could start by taking a wine quiz, which will reveal their unique taste profile. Ensure you select the best wine subscription according to your budget and unique preferences.

Wireless charger

Get your friend a wireless charging block, and they will no longer have to worry about where they left their corded charger. These wireless charging blocks are convenient as they can be placed anywhere in the house. Your friend will also not complain about running out of charge due to the extended battery life.

A potted plant

You can never go wrong with greenery as a housewarming gift. Living elements such as houseplants make any home feel cozy and welcoming. If your friend is not much of a green thumb, you could opt for low-maintenance plants such as succulents. However, if they love gardening and taking care of indoor plants, you could get them their favorite house plant in a beautiful vase.

Kitchen towels

Kitchen dish towels are necessary for any home and are an ideal housewarming gift for your friend. These towels help clean up, dry the dishes, or hold hot cooking pans. Your friend will appreciate a set of kitchen towels that blend with their kitchen theme.

Final remarks

Once you have found the perfect gift that fits your budget and speaks to your fiend’s aesthetic, you are good to go. Consider the size of their space and whether they have a partner and kids before deciding on the kind of gift you will get them. We hope this article has been resourceful.


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