7 Tried And Tested Natural Home Remedies For Wrinkle-Free Skin

Most people get wrinkles in the ages between 40 and 50. The skin loses its glow and moisture.

Why? Well, the skin on your face is the most sensitive due to being thinner than any other body part. It’s due to the thinness that wrinkles are more evident on the forehead, around the mouth, and laugh lines.

With age comes wrinkles, especially on the neck and forehead. While most people are not bothered by this sign of aging, some find it quite disturbing and seek natural home remedies for wrinkles. After all, everyone wants to be young and maintain a youthful look.

Unhealthy lifestyles and stress are among the leading causes of aging and wrinkle appearance. Home remedies can help maintain that smooth and youthful look by providing a healing touch of nature.

Here are 7 tried and tested natural home remedies for wrinkle free-skin you can try to slow down the aging process.

1. Topical Vitamin C

During the youthful years, the skin is well nourished with the necessary vitamins. These vitamins play a vital role in maintaining a resilient and healthy skin. Replenishing the levels of vitamin C in the skin can be done by applying topical vitamin C every sunrise or oral supplements.

This helps the body to repair sun damage, flaking, and dryness. Being an antioxidant, vitamin C helps create collagen in the skin.

2. Minerals

Micronutrients are mostly found in foods that we eat small amounts. Like vitamin C, minerals in the skin help to prevent skin damage, promote healing and filter sunlight rays from causing burns.

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that functions as a preventive wrinkle treatment.

Copper, on the other hand, is essential in the formation of collagen, elastin, firmness, and support to the skin. To tame acne and skin breakouts, it’s advisable that you consume zinc, which also heals acne scars.

3. Superfoods

The skin is a combination of all healthy foods that supply nutrients and replenish it to maintain the smooth and hydrated look. Proteins, water, and fats help to prevent wrinkles and are generally suitable for the body. Scientists have established that older people with healthy eating habits had fewer wrinkles.

Fruits over junk food and the chicken were the mantra they abided by, and it sure did work. Tomatoes help to improve the vascular system, which gives you a natural glow thanks to the extra blood circulation. Additionally, they have lycopene, which is a critical component in protecting skin from sun damage.

4. Massage

A healthy mind facilitates a healthy body, complements a youthful look. It’s for this reason that most spas and massage parlors are filled with elder and older people. Researchers also report that a hand-held massage device can help prevent wrinkles by increasing proteins that keep the skin smooth.

A daily facial massage even by using your hands helps to reduce the stress that is the leading cause of wrinkles. A good home massage requires applying pressure with the fingers on the side of your face. This procedure will help smoothen the skin and relax the muscles that cause wrinkles due to tension and stress.

5. Olive Oil

This is the oldest and most natural skin protector known to humankind. Olive oil and its by-products have for many years been used to heal acne and increase the skin’s collagen levels. Eating foods rich in olive oil provided the body with nutrients that prevent the occurrence of wrinkles.

Olive oil is often used as a moisturizer because of its richness in vitamin A, E, and abundance in antioxidants. The antioxidants help to fight skin-damaging radicals that work to protect against sun damage and exposure. Applying a spoonful of olive oil can help keep the skin glowing.

Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and legumes may also have the same protective effect against wrinkles. It’s clinically recommended that people consume these vegetables to nourish the body better and offer the best home remedies for face wrinkles. The foods are safe for consumption, but it’s essential to read the information if one has food allergies.

6. Silky Sleep

Pillows can be a valuable investment when it can to wrinkle reduction, preferably the ones made out of satin of high thread. Scientist estimate that humans spend a quarter of their lives sleeping and having a soft place the skin is most essential can help the skin’s reaction to wrinkles.

Dermatologists recommend sleeping on your back as it not only helps to maintain straight spine but also avoids sleep lines that can be etched on the skin. In order to prevent aging, Dr. Bill Andrews from Siorai advises having a healthy diet, regular exercise, and plenty of sleep. Sleeping also helps to

reduce the stress that can cause tension in the muscles, which in turn causes wrinkles on the face.

7. Egg White

Egg whites are known to be full of protein for tissue growth and repair potassium for the preservation of skin cell moisture. Additionally, they have riboflavin to eliminate toxins that cause wrinkles and magnesium that keeps the skin radiant and slows down aging. Lysosomes help in the digestion of wall of acne-causing bacteria and egg whites are rich in them.

Egg whites are more beneficial to those with oily faces as it helps to tighten, shrink, and tone pores. This, in turn, reduces the sebum commonly referred to as the oil secretion from the pores. Creams made with egg membrane lead to a reduction in wrinkle depth and improved production of collagen to the skin.

Effective Home Remedies for Wrinkles

Natural foods, hydration, and a healthy lifestyle are considered the best home remedies for wrinkles. While using cosmetics helps to cover up wrinkles, natural ways can better prevent wrinkles.

For those that are already aging and need to slow down the process, natural wrinkle reducers can best be applied.

Other activities that are effective home remedies for wrinkles are preventing sunburns, staying hydrated, and being at peace. A peaceful mind is a friendly soul, and a peaceful soul maintains a youthful glow.

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