I’m going to ask you all for a couple of big favors today.
I am a animal lover.
I grew up on 17 acres, and we always had pets.
Dogs, cats, bunnies, turtles, even a prairie dog named Petunia.
I piratically lived on the back of a neighbors Shetland Pony – Tony,
when I was a little girl.
I’m especially fond of dogs, and right now
I’ve got a Pug and a Carolina Dog.
In Florida, I was a foster mom for a Pug Rescue Organization.
I’ve also  been a foster mom for dozens and dozens of cats.
I raised newborns who lost their mothers
inoculated strays, and nursed sick kitties back to health.

So what is this leading up to?
Well, first –  I would like you to go HERE
to the DFW Pug Rescue Site – Calendar Contest
Scroll down till you see the photo of
 Chloe, Zoey, Rosie, Marty, Spanky, Dakota, Isabella and Dixie
on the pugboat.  Try to ignore
all the other adorable pugs…the pugboat
is way down towards the bottom of the page.
This is the photo that you’ll be looking for:

Please vote – for a $1.00 donation
for my pal, Punchy’s, photo.
(Make sure that in the description area on PayPal, you type in:
 Chloe, Zoey, Rosie, Marty, Spanky, Dakota, Isabella and Dixie)
It’s for a very good cause!

Then go HERE and enter the Pugpossed
Etsy Shop giveaway, that Punchy is
sponsoring here, on Libby’s Library News.

Second – and this is a harder one for me to write about
I would like some help for myself.
You see, I have a number of medical problems.
These have progressed over time, and I’ve
recently been categorized as disabled
by my Spine/Pain Management Specialist.
I have been classified as being in need of a Service Dog,
to help me with my balance problems.
Waiting lists for trained SD’s are at the very least,
two years long, and I would probably be passed
over time and time again, as I am not blind, deaf, wheelchair bound,
or a military veteran.  Because of this, I have decided
to train my own SD.  This is a huge undertaking, but
will be a part of my “therapy”, and will cut down on 
the cost.  BUT – it will still cost between $2,000 and $5,000
for the first 2 years.  This amount depends on several factors:
A. If I have to purchase a dog or if a dog is donated to me.
B.  If I have to pay for veterinary services in full, or
if a veterinarian will give me discounted or free care.
C. If I have to pay in full for a trainer to help us pass the Canine Good Citizen Test,
and the PAT test, or if services are discounted or donated by a trainer.
How can you help?
* Donate to my PayPal account -at the very bottom of the left sidebar.
* If you know of any companies or organizations,
that might be willing to sponsor me
(By providing any/or all fees, associated with this endeavor, 
or would provide me with a dog,
or would provide supplies needed, etc. etc.),
would you please leave your email address in a comment, on this post.
I am more than willing to fill out an application, and provide
a copy of the letter from my doctor, which states that I am 
medically in need of a Service Dog.
* Send prayers my way.
I need a medium-large, to large, dog, who is healthy
(no hip dysplasia), who is intelligent, and will train well.
I will not use the dog in a weight bearing capacity.
Only counter balance will be used.
Tasks that SD will need to learn:
(Besides being able to pass the CGCT and the PAT)
1. Wear a light mobility harness, to provide counter
balance for me, when I am “out and about”.
2.  Pick up and retrieve small items that I drop.
3. Alert me when there is someone at my front door.

Items needed:
nbsp; Light mobility harnesses (2) – styles determined by size of dog.
2. Grooming supplies.
3. Food.
4. Veterinary care.
5. Training help – (Books, videos, trainer, etc. etc.).
6. SD Vests, and ID’s.
7. Collars and Leashes.
8. Traveling supplies.
As always, I am so thankful for all of you.
A Big Favor To Ask of My Readers

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2 thoughts on “A Big Favor To Ask of My Readers

  1. I wish I was nearer. I used to train dogs and I raised service dog pups. I do have the equipment (harnesses, etc.) and I'd be happy to give them to you. Have you checked out Deta Pet Partners? I worked with them and they are most helpful. I'll put on my thinking cap and see what I can come up with.

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