An Event to Remember: 9 Types of Venues Your Guests Will Love

When choosing your wedding venue, it is important to consider what theme you want your wedding to have and how many guests you will be inviting. Some venues may not be the ideal size for your wedding, which is precisely why you need to make your realistic list of goals for your wedding prior to starting to visit potential venues. Here are 9 types of venues to consider for your upcoming wedding:

9 Types of Venues to Consider for Your Upcoming Wedding

Chartered Yachts

Chartered yachts are a great venue to consider for those that love the ocean and want to do something adventurous. Chartered yachts are also great for sunset views. Chartered yachts provide a special element to guests because, it is possible to have the ceremony, reception, and any cocktail hours on various parts of the yacht. View here for more information.

House of Worship

Having a wedding at a house of worship is a very traditional choice. One key factor to consider with a house of worship as a wedding venue is whether you have completed the required protocols to get married there. For example, for Catholic weddings, a Communion or Confirmation may be required. In addition, if the bride and groom have different religious backgrounds, having the ceremony in a house of worship can be complex. Furthermore, if you are getting married in a different country, be sure to check their requirements at the local house of worship to be sure you can get married there. Each religion has its own specifications and be sure both the bride and groom have met them.


Hotels can be a great idea for a couple that is not religious and is inviting a lot of people. Choosing a hotel in your home city or in a destination locale can be a great way to celebrate your wedding. Having a hotel as your wedding venue can allow you to have everything in one place while providing lodging for your guests, which can make the whole day run smoothly. Hotels will sometimes create very price effective packages that can include a cocktail hour or a room for the bride and her bridesmaids. Be sure to calculate these options in your cost analysis when looking into a hotel for your wedding venue.


An Event to Remember: 9 Types of Venues Your Guests Will Love
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A wedding in farm or barn is great for photographs no doubt. This is particularly true if your wedding will be taking place in Spring or Autumn. Consider the style you are looking for and whether the dress will be more casual. Having long dresses on a farm can be difficult and also

traveling to a farm can be complex due to how isolated they can be. Keep all of this in mind when deciding whether a farm or barn is the ideal fit for your wedding venue.


Depending on the number of people you would like to invite to your wedding, having it at a mansion could be a wonderful idea. Mansions can come in varying sizes; however, if you have a group of under 100 people, it could be a great way to have both the ceremony and reception in one intimate place.


An Event to Remember: 9 Types of Venues Your Guests Will Love
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For those foodies out there, there is nothing better than having a wedding at a vineyard. Many times, it is possible to have better food and wine pairing options from the vineyard’s local grapes. Be sure to consider this for groups that enjoy fine food and wines along with spectacular views for stunning photographs.

Country Club

Country clubs are a wonderful choice for a wedding view that has everything in one place. Many times, country clubs can have both gardens and ballrooms to have the whole ceremony there. Some country clubs can be located near luxury hotels and have options to watch children for the adults to enjoy the festivities more.


An Event to Remember: 9 Types of Venues Your Guests Will Love
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Depending on the season, having the wedding in a park or garden can be gorgeous. Many parks have a maximum capacity they will reserve for weddings. When deciding, make sure to check with the reservation requirements and deposit dates. This way, you can be sure that the ideal part of the park is available and within your budget to use. Lastly, make sure that you are planning what kind of seating or decorations you want to bring to the park. Some areas have restrictions and it is wise to be aware of these beforehand.


Having a wedding at a library or museum can be wonderful. The photographs will be sensational since it is in a historic space. Many museums and libraries also have rooms for an elegant reception. For a black-tie wedding, libraries and museums can be a great fit for an elegant party to be assembled. Libraries and museums also have great rooms for the bride to get ready in that will make for meaningful photographs.

Final Remarks

Finding the perfect wedding venue is no easy feat. It is important to carefully assess what you are looking for in order to plan the right wedding for you. Bear in mind that different venues will have different price tags. It is important to sit down and realistically assess what your budget and the size of your guest list are. If you are able to make these calculations at the beginning, you can set realistic expectations and find what you are looking for. Consider what time of the year you will get married, which geographic location would be best for most of your family and friends to get to, and the size you want your event to be. Once you consider this, decide whether the venue should have the ceremony and reception or whether it would be divided between two places for religious purposes. This will help you to eliminate various venue options that don’t meet your budget or specifications. Lastly, remember that it is important to enjoy planning your wedding day and if you organize yourself well and know your budget well, you will enjoy every step of the planning process.


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  • It’s nice that you talked about how it is important to carefully assess what you are looking for in order to plan the right wedding for you. My partner and I are planning to get married early next year, so now are trying to look for the best venue. A wedding ballroom sounds pretty nice, so we should probably check one out.


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