Dogs are amazing, they really are one of the best animals on the planet. There’s a reason they’re called man’s best friend, and your life will instantly be improved if you get one as a pet. Do I think everyone should get a dog? Absolutely! Do I think everyone can own a dog? No, I don’t. There are some people reading this whose lives just aren’t suited to owning a pet dog right now. To figure out if you’re ready for this responsibility, answer these questions:

 Answer These Questions To Find Out If You're Ready For A Dog

Are you constantly away from home?

It’s vital that you’re there for your dog as much as possible. You may leave them at home while you’re at work, and that can be fine, but what happens if you’re always away from home? People that travel a lot are probably not suited to owning a dog as they’ll always need to find someone to look after them while they’re away. Sure, there’s boarding for dogs, but you shouldn’t be putting your dogs there every couple of days. If you aren’t at home often, then don’t get a dog.

 Answer These Questions To Find Out If You're Ready For A Dog

Are you struggling to get by financially?

Some dogs are free as you can pick them up from adoption shelters or get them from family members with puppies. However, raising a dog isn’t free. You have to pay for their food, their grooming, their health, and so on. It’s pretty much like having a child, only a little bit less expensive. If you’re already struggling financially, then it’s not a good idea to get a dog. You won’t be able to give it the care it needs, which is bad for it.

Do you live in an apartment building?

Now, some people live in apartment buildings and still manage to look after their dogs with ease, while others don’t. There are a few things that come into play; the rules regarding pets, the area you live in, and the type of dog. Big dogs aren’t suited to apartments as they ideally need plenty of room and a garden to play in. Small dogs can live in small apartments, but it depends if you’re allowed them or not. Generally speaking, it’s better off if you live in a house and have plenty of space for your dog to go outside and play.  Answer These Questions To Find Out If You're Ready For A Dog

Do you have spare time every day?

If you don’t have spare time every day, then I don’t think you should get a dog. Dogs require care and attention – you need to walk them, feed them, and spend time with them. Otherwise, they become unhealthy and unfit. If you’re very busy and don’t have any time free, then you’re not ready for a dog, it’s as simple as that. Wait until a point in your life where you do have time spare, and can commit to dog ownership.

If you answered no no no yes, then I think you’re in a pretty good position to own a dog. If not, then you may not be ready and should probably wait until you are. The worst thing you can do is try and own a dog when you simply can’t. It’ll just be bad for the poor pooch.

Answer These Questions To Find Out If You’re Ready For A Dog

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