ARCS Win a Gun Contest and Self Defense Video

ARCS Self Defense is now offering  a HUGE GUN GIVEAWAY!


Disclaimer:  I will receive credit for each person who enters and “LIBBY” into the “Referred By” box, when signing up for the giveaway listed below. I am a strong believer in preserving our constitutional right to bear arms.  I also believe that skills in basic self defense are becoming more and more important, as violence escalates  across the nation.  If you do not agree with my opinions, I ask that you NOT leave a negative comment.  This post is not about confrontation of “sides” or trying to persuade those of opposite beliefs to change their minds… but about sharing information with those of like opinion.  Thank You for your co-operation.

There is a fee to enter, but you might want to check it out…and take a look at the self defense video offered on their welcome page.  Those of you that live in or near Shreveport or Alexandria, Louisiana , or near Burlington, Kentucky, you may want to seriously consider checking out the self defense classes.

 The giveaway will begin, as soon as they hit their  2,500 person goal.

The sooner they hit the goal the sooner they will start drawing for winners and giving away money to some of the charities for our heroes and 2nd amendment rights!

GO HERE to learn more.



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0 thoughts on “ARCS Win a Gun Contest and Self Defense Video

  • Hello Toy Nanny

  • I sure wish I lived in these areas! The classes would be awesome to attend! Dh would love to win a gun! He keeps telling me we need more! LOL

  • Self defense classes would be great, but unfortunately, they are not offered in my area! We do have firearms and both know how to shoot. I think that whatever one’s stance is on the issue, knowledge is extremely important…especially safety measures!

  • Great idea to be able to take a self defense class it is always helpful in this day and age!

  • I think that all women, especially those who have to walk alone after dark, should take a self defense class.

  • First I wanted to say thank you for posting the gun giveaway…this is a great opportunity for us to help the average person with their home defense/self defense as well as helping some awesome charities. I have added some additional details on the giveaway along with more information on the self defense training.

    I don’t want to turn this into a spammy sales comment but we are about to hold the early-bird drawing and there are only a few spots left. If you have any questions please shoot me an email or give me a call @ 318-200-0890

    More info on the giveaway –

    Stay Safe,


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