Asking a Special Favor From All My Readers

Today I’m asking a special favor from all my readers!

PLEASE read this post, then take a few moments to vote.  If you have a blog and or social media following, would you pay if forward and share with your followers?  It’s not often that you get such an easy way to help another in their journeys…to ease the struggles of a fellow being.

This young man is a dear friend of our youngest daughter.  He has been nominated  in the

Life Moving Forward Campaign.

VOTE Here ———>

When you arrive at the site, click on Vote For Your Hero.  You will find Aaron on page 4.

Aaron Solomon
Vote for Aaron Solomon – Northglenn, CO in the 2014 National Mobility Awareness Month Local Hero…

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Here is the letter that was written on his behalf:

I am entering my Hero Aaron Solomon, whom I went to school with and have also worked with after high school. Aaron is one of those people who always has a smile on his face and a wonderful attitude. Aaron has Muscular Dystrophy and has been in a wheel chair almost all of his life, but this has never gotten him down. Anytime you saw him in the halls of school he was always smiling and talking with everyone. The same can be said about his work attitude. The company I worked for was hiring and I suggested Aaron as someone who would be wonderful to hire, they were skeptical at first but after he was hired he was loved by everyone within the company and continued working there for 8 years. It has not always been easy for Aaron he currently has had the same van since middle school and it continuously breaks down and is not reliable. I know this has not been easy on Aaron or his family but you would never be able to tell from any of them. They are the nicest people you will ever meet. Aaron’s mom Robin, is amazing and always puts her kids first even when diagnosed last year with stage 4 cancer. I cannot think of a better family to award a new vehicle, they are truly worthy of such a gift.

It’s simple to register, to be able to vote.  It just takes a minute.  You can vote each day.

PLEASE, help this deserving family.  A few minutes out of your day could mean the world to them.

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  • Voted, shared and going to keep voting. Good luck, Aaron! You are a HERO indeed!
    Warm regards from Brazil,

  • This is so nice of you. I voted under Mystarlight. Good Luck! I hope he wins.

  • I see the voting is closed now. Wishing you a ton of good luck, and I’m sorry I missed the vote!


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