2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Welcome everyone, to our 2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Check out all the awesome titles below.  Come back often as we will be adding throughout the season.  Beautiful Touches has received these items from brands, as gifts  from family and friends, or have purchased for this years Valentin’es Day gift giving.  No monetary compensation has […]

Woman Consults with Pharmacist - Human Error at any Pharmacy

4 Strategies for Reducing the Impact of Human Error at any Pharmacy

Pharmacies are in trouble and that means consumers are as well. Pharmacists are overworked, pharmacies are understaffed and the number of prescription errors is on the rise. What can be done? The number of elderly Americans is growing and that means more prescriptions. Here are a few ways to reduce human errors in pharmacies. Modernize […]

Solar Panels on Home Roof - Environmental Benefits of Solar Power

Solar Shenanigans! 7 Environmental Benefits of Solar Power

Climate emergency. Those two words have lined the headlines and buzzed in our ears for months now. People across the world are rallying together, demonstrating, protesting, and calling upon governments to respond to the unfolding environmental catastrophe. Now more than ever, we need to find clean energy alternatives to reduce emissions. The plethora of environmental […]

Couple looking at wedding rings - Wedding Band For Women

The Sentimental Symbolism Of A Strong Wedding Band For Women

The Heart Of A Women Many people believe that a woman’s heart is fickle. But women are actually the strength behind almost everything accomplished in this world so it goes without saying that a woman’s heart is never fickle. It is imperative that a woman gives so much receives in return as well. This is […]

Stained Concrete Floor - Coloring Technique for Concrete Floors

Choosing the Best Coloring Technique for Concrete Floors

Environmentalists and advocates of climate change are stressing on greener solutions to almost everything. And one such solution that has been gaining popularity for some decades now, is concrete flooring. High durability, low maintenance cost, and eco-friendly installations are the primary reasons why people are now opting for concrete floors. Regardless of where you are […]

Laptop Computer on Desk - Computer 101: Top Tips To Keep Your Machine Running Smoothly

Computer 101: Top Tips To Keep Your Machine Running Smoothly

Living with computers can make life a lot easier and a lot more complicated. Most people are having to use these machines nowadays, with the productivity and ease of use they provide being well worth having them around. Of course, though, computers don’t always work as expected, and this can be hard to deal with […]

Designer Weekend Bags

Ten Designer Weekend Bags You Are Going To Love

If you are considering a new designer  bag purchase to start off 2020 in style, you might want to consider some of the notably chic and popular designer weekend bags listed below. Designer handbags are a great way to invest in pieces that will last the test of time, become staples in your closet, and […]

Couple kissing as sunset - 3 Smart Ways to Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

3 Smart Ways to Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

Planning a wedding has the potential to be a dream come true or an absolute nightmare. Of course, attitude and perspective are everything as you plan this momentous occasion. While some may feel like a budget limits their creativity, it can also be quite helpful for narrowing down options, while also hopefully keeping you from […]

Here's How To Create Beautiful Images From Basic Things

Here’s How To Create Beautiful Images From Basic Things

Do you want to cultivate a photography interest and create some stunning images for your home? It’s easy to feel frustrated when your mind is willing but your skills have some catching up to do. You don’t have to go on an expensive holiday or spend hours following around a subject to capture some beautiful […]

People Watching Fireworks - Post-Holiday Blues

Ways to Get Away from Post-Holiday Blues

Holidays are the best times of the year. They are the moments when families gather together, sharing a feast and stories. The excitement that these special occasions bring is unchanging even if they come every year. These events usually end with smiles and hope to spend more holidays with loved ones. But the post-holiday blues […]