You don’t spend too much time in the bathroom each day but it’s a space where you want to experience comfort and calm whenever you are in. It’s somewhere that can help your mind reset before and after facing the rigors of everyday living. Homeowners will splash thousands of dollars on a bathroom upgrade or remodel.

At the core of any major change you make to your bathroom will be your choice of bathroom vanity. The vanity is the focus of the room and sets the tone. You want a vanity that satisfies your design tastes while complementing your personality. With numerous bathroom vanities Los Angeles options to choose from, decision-making can be difficult.

Here’s some vanities you should definitely consider.

1.    Double Basin Vanities

Double basins are a functional, practical alternative for couples, families or any bathroom that’s shared by 2 or more people. The separate sinks combined with the spacious tops provide much room for people to shave, put on makeup, brush their teeth and more.

The fact that it’s functional doesn’t mean you have to settle for a bland style though. The double basin vanities in the market today offer a wide range of design options. Beveled edge mirrors, brushed nickel fixtures, large cabinets and drawers, and much more.

2.    Vessel Sink Vanities

The vessel sink vanity provides the conveniences of modern living combined with old-world charm. Vessel sinks are versatile, can be paired with diverse vanity tops including wood, tile, stone or marble.

The sinks come in a wide range of materials such as porcelain, vitreous china, tempered glass or copper. When you pair them with a waterfall sink or a contemporary fixture, it’ll feel like you are walking into your very own mini-spa.

3.    Wood Vanities

Bathroom in a cabin - Bathroom vanities

Some homeowners rule out installing wood vanities in their bathrooms due to legitimate concerns over moisture damage. That doesn’t have to happen though if the wood is treated with waterproof sealant.

Wood is always a favorite if you are looking for something with a vintage, sophisticated feel. Many wood vanities feature working drawers and built-in cabinets that are well-suited for storage. Popular wood vanity combinations include cherry wood with white basins, painted wood with sleek marble tops, weathered wood and smooth maple corner.

4.    Single Free-Standing Vanities

Free-standing vanities are the right choice when you are grappling with limited space but are looking for something that adds some modernity to your bathroom. Free-standing vanities are typically fitted with 4 or more legs that ensure the vanity cabinet remains off the bathroom floor. It looks good while making it easier to clean the difficult-to-reach crevices that draw dust.

Single free-standing vanities may be smaller than the double top variety but they still have adequate room for toothbrush holders, ceramic soap dishes and more. They are also easier to install.

5.    Floating Vanities

A floating vanity will attach to the bathroom wall and thus occupy no space on the floor. Ideal for the modern smaller bathroom, it’s space-saving and creates a uniform, clean-cut look. You can stand closer to them since you don’t have anything obstructing your feet. And the height where you fix them can be adjusted as high or low as you prefer.

The vanities can be paired with basins and vessel sinks. The space underneath them provides a perfect sanctuary for your fuzzy bathroom rugs that will warm up the tiles and cushion your feet.

6.    Glass-Top Vanities

Sleek modern bathroom - Bathroom vanities

Glass-top vanities transform your regular bathroom into an elegant and peaceful space. The tempered glass ensures a spa-like, modern vibe particularly if paired with faucet and vessel sink or even the toilet.

Glass-top bathroom vanities are among the more popular fittings in the modern world of home decorating. They provide a modern appearance to your bathroom with the non-porous glass ensuring easy cleaning and extended use.

7.    Frame Vanities

A vanity frame is much less intrusive than other vanities but it can still make an enormous difference to your bathroom’s style. If you don’t really need the storage space traditional bathroom vanities fitted with a sink do provide, then a frame can be a stunning alternative.

Frames work especially well in smaller bathrooms where you don’t have too much space to play with. They have a timeless feel and are inexpensive.

A vanity can make an enormous difference in your bathroom by providing functional storage while altering the look and feel of the space. Incorporate these vanities to make your bathroom a place you don’t mind spending hours in.

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