5 Ways to Live an Eco Lifestyle (Fast!)

With the environment being such a hot topic lately, you’ve decided that it’s time to make a few changes. You’re resolving to practice a more eco-lifestyle. Good for you!

The first hurdle to jump over is making the decision to reduce your carbon footprint. We won’t lie though, there will be a lot of changes coming your way that you’ll have to adjust to. That’s the second and hardest hurdle.

We can help you get over it smoothly though. Check out this guide to learn more about living an eco-friendlier lifestyle fast so you can start doing your part for the environment.

1. Go to Eco-Friendly Establishments

No matter what, you still have to do your shopping. Going to one that boasts using eco friendly practices is better than shopping at places that don’t.

You can do your part for the environment and economy by shopping local as well. Less energy and materials go into the products sold by locally owned stores.

For example, the owners of most of these shops make the products themselves. They don’t get a truck that comes in each week so they aren’t contributing to a large number of vehicles on the road.

2. Don’t Use a Wall Charger

Using a wall charger to charge your phone each night can take a toll on your energy bill and your carbon footprint. Think about your everyday work commute.

If you have to drive at least an hour to work, it might be worth it to use your car charger instead of plugging your phone in while you sleep. You won’t use up near as much energy.

3. Change Your Diet 

Electricity or gas? Which stove is more environmentally friendly? They both use up energy to cook food.

Cut back on the amount of time you spend using your stove by eating raw food. Raw fruits and vegetables can be delicious and they’re better for you because none of the nutrients are lost to heat.

It’s not a good idea to eat raw meat but you can do your part by cutting back on the amount of meat that you eat.

4. Don’t Leave the Shower Running

It’s not necessary to keep your shower running the entire time you’re using it. Turn it off while you’re lathering up and only use the shower to rinse off.

Do the same when you brush your teeth. You’ll be helping the environment and the price of your water bill will drop.

5. Purchase a Bike (and Use it)

If you only live five minutes away from work, consider taking a bike instead of cranking up your car. It will be less money coming out of your pocket for gas and it will keep pollution out of the air.

Start Practicing an Eco-Lifestyle Today

Are you planning to make the switch to an eco-lifestyle? At the end of the day, it’s the little changes that make the best and fastest difference. Try out some of the methods on this list and start doing your part for the environment.

Becoming a green business will allow you to help the environment and bring in customers. Check out our blog daily for tips on how to get started.


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