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You want to make your kid’s birthday party awesome. However, if you are anything like me, you start off every birthday season with the best laid plans to make your kid’s birthday party great but when the rubber meets road you usually end up doing the same old stuff. This year I started my planning early and made a plan so I could make the birthday better than ever.

We have five suggestions on how you can make the birthday party next-level.

Baby Boys first birthday Cupcake Birthday Party

  1. Upgrade Your Birthday Cake: Cakes are so 2005. Cupcakes are the new must-have and what better way to raise your cupcake game then with cupcake toppers from Build a Head. Cupcake toppers are a fun, simple, and affordable way to turn up your birthday. A single order comes with a set of 12 highly durable cupcake inserts with the birthday boy or girl’s face printed at the top and if you need an extra 12, you can get the second set at a discount. Here is an example of one family’s Instagramable cupcake toppers.
  2. Turn Up the Music: Bust out the Kidz Bop radio to hear kid friendly versions of the current top hits like Havana, Happy, or Uptown Funk. Turn up the volume and watch the kids get their groove on, Not only will the kids have a blast but you’ll get some Instagram worthy video footage. Get really crazy and a microphone to the mix and see who might be the next American Idol and who can’t carry a tune. On second thought, don’t do the microphone. That’s a recipe for every kid yelling as loud as possible or a lot of farting noises.
  3. Do a Special Activity: Watch your little people take a simple cooking class or write and film a short movie. We’re not talking about chocolate soufflés but something simple and fun like banana sushi.
  4. Take the Décor to the Next Level: Build a Head also just recently launched a custom confetti product which is perfect for throwing in the air at surprise birthdays or just for decorating the gift table in a super fun way.
  5. Make a Photo Booth: You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for a photo booth, just hang a disposable solid color tablecloth on the wall and have all of your guests take a photo on their way into the party. You can get fun little props like mustaches, glasses, hats, boas, or even just have big heads of the birthday boy or girl. This is fun and it’ll give you a bunch of memories that you can keep. You can even take the pictures and turn it into a photo book.

Birthday Party Photo Booth Props

So if you are trying to find a way to make your kid’s birthday a truly special day that you know will create memories that they will carry with them the rest of their life take a couple tips from us. As a parent it takes a lot of work to plan the perfect birthday experience especially when you consider all the things that are on your plate – presents, decorations, food, party gifts, cupcakes, and more but hopefully this helps just a little.


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  • Great post. You have some really good ideas for a kid’s birthday party!


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