Bling and Lift with Isabelle Grace Jewelry and Bra Bridge

Disclosure: Product was received from Isabelle Grace Jewelry and Bra Bridge for review purposes only. All opinions in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it.

A girl likes her bling – no matter what her age, and Isabelle Grace Jewelry has something for everyone.  

No matter if you prefer bold or delicate, funky or traditional, gold or silver.  Isabelle Grace has got you covered.  Earrings, necklaces, bracelets.  Gift for gals and gift for guys…even gifts for little ones!

Just take a look at this beauty!

Bling and Lift with Isabelle Grace Jewelry and Bra Bridge
This is the gorgeous Madreperla Drop Necklace makes an stunning addition to any jewelry lover’s collection. A large mother of pearl pendant is studded with two toned crystal accents and worn long on a 26 inch gold figaro chain. Pendant measure over 1 1/2 inch in length.

About Isabelle Grace Jewelry

At the heart of Isabelle Grace, we aspire to make modern jewelry that tells stories about life, love and family. Celebrating birth, anniversaries, weddings struggles and loss. We believe in the beauty of the handmade process, our personalized jewelry is handcrafted in our New Bedford, MA, studio. One piece at a time, made with care and attention by artisans who love what they do.  Let us tell your story.

I love so many of their pieces but I have to say my all time favorite is the Sugar Pearls necklace.  I wish I had one in every color! I’m also very fond of personalized pieces, as as of late, I’ve become more and more enamored of bracelets.

Bling and Lift with Isabelle Grace Jewelry and Bra Bridge
Top Left – Bijou Bracelets (Blue/Green) , Right –Birthstone Tag Necklace, Bottom Left – Sugar Pearls Necklace in Blue Taffy

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Need a lift? Got side boobs? Have too much cleavage or maybe not enough? 

Bra Bridge is for YOU! These little gadgets are so simple to use (like tiny little garters for your bra), I don’t know why I didn’t think of them.  Absolutely brilliant!

Bling and Lift with Isabelle Grace Jewelry and Bra Bridge


About Bra Bridge


Introducing the Bra Bridge, the easy, simple, inexpensive way to help shape your breasts, lift and hold them in place, reduce sagging, bouncing and side boob, and create a custom fit for your bra. Feel better and look better every day no matter what your bra size!

The issues women have with their bras are as varied as the different shapes and sizes breasts come in:

  • An excess of side boob
  • An overabundance of bounce
  • Not enough cleavage, for smaller busts
  • A little too much of cleavage, for bigger busts
  • General sagging, the natural result of aging
  • A collection of bras that have stretched out and no longer fit well.

Bling and Lift with Isabelle Grace Jewelry and Bra Bridge
Just think about the savings…with Bra Bridge your clothes will fit better and your bras will last longer!

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