Blue diamond engagement rings are all the trend right now in bridal magazines and celebrity engagements. You might have fancied one yourself after seeing the virality of some of these rings.But what are blue diamonds? You might be right in wondering or questioning how the diamond got a blue hue? Is it even real?

Here’s your hand guide to your Blue Diamond Engagement ring!

Blue diamond formation

While all diamonds are formed the same way, deep within the earth’s surface, colored diamonds often get their tint due to the presence of minerals or change in their lattice structure. Blue diamonds get their unique color due to the trace amounts of boron in them. Depending on the boron level in the earth’s crust where the diamonds were formed, the diamond’s intensity will vary.

Where are Blue Diamond Engagement rings found?

The short answer is at the jeweler’s! But the blue diamonds themselves are found in various mines across the world. Two of the major sources include Australia and South Africa. They are also found in India and some other mines.

The rarity of blue diamonds

Diamonds are rare, but colored diamonds even more so. Blue diamonds may not be the rarest of all colored diamonds but they are certainly difficult to find and mine. The bluer a blue diamond is, the higher its value and rarity.

The rating of blue diamonds is based on the amount of blue that it has. This can dramatically impact the pricing of a blue diamond.

Pricing of a Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

The rarer an object, the more expensive it will be. This is very true with diamonds but especially with blue diamond rings. The cost of blue diamond rings ranges from $600 up to $11,000 depending on the carat size, the intensity of the blue color and the shape. The more unique the diamond is, the higher its price.

And with colored diamonds, the value depends largely on the carat size, the intensity of color and finding the perfect shape for the setting.

For example, the Blue Moon diamond is 12.03 carats, Fancy Vivid Blue diamond that is Internally Flawless and is one of the most expensive blue diamonds sold at an auction for a record price of $48 million or $4 million per carat at Sotheby’s in 2015. Here are some of the most expensive blue diamonds.

Celebs love blue diamond engagement rings too

Celebrities are key influencers when it comes to setting trends for fashion and jewelry. Jennifer Lopez is a trailblazer when it comes to colored diamond engagement rings.

When Marc Anthony proposed to Jennifer Lopez, he did it with a magnificent blue diamond ring from Harry Winston. The 8.5-carat blue diamond engagement ring was pegged at about $4 million and Jennifer Lopez considers it one of her all-time favorite jewelry pieces.

Should you get a blue sapphire ring instead?

Though blue sapphires are unique and beautiful in their own way, there are significant differences between blue diamonds and sapphires.

Where blue diamonds rank 10 on the Moh’s scale, sapphires rank at 9 as far as hardness goes. This means that blue diamonds are more scratch resistant and perfect for longer-term daily wear.

Blue diamonds are also much rarer and therefore expensive, with a higher Return on Investment. Blue diamonds have better brilliance and sparkle because of their ability to reflect light. Sapphires are not that bright.

Many gemologists and spiritual healers say that blue colored diamonds symbolize eternity, truth, peace, devotion, chastity and spirituality.

And whether you choose to believe in its symbolic meaning, nobody can deny that blue diamond engagement rings are beautiful in their own way and a great investment for your future.

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings: What You Need To Know!

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